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My Veteran's Day.


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So I took my Uncle out today for lunch, While we were walking into the diner, I was helping him I had another guy behind me and I motioned to move and he waved me off. He even helped hold the door open so I could open the inner door for my uncle. Now my uncle was wearing his WWII hat(he took it off inside), and we sat down and were eating lunch when several people came up and thanked him for his service. The first guy came up with his daughter, and they thanked my Uncle for his service, and he asked where my Uncle served. And with that he said that his father was in Market Garden, with the 101st. About 15 mins later another gentlemen came up (the one that helped me with the doors), and he thanked my Uncle as well, and then asked if I was his grandson and my uncle said "na my Nephew", and with that I got a handshake. So when we were ready to leave, my Uncle said for me to get the waitress's attention and I motioned to come over and he asked for the check, and she replied, "Sir, the gentlemen who came over paid your bill for you", and my uncle teared up, and I could tell he wanted to cry. He said that he has never had that happen and was in complete shock. He was still in shock 5 mins later when we went to leave. He asked me what I thought, and I replied that I liked it, and it showed that there are still nice people in this world.

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