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What's The Value Of A 92 12V Cummins With 5Sp

War Eagle

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I have a friend that has a 92 12v, 4x4 Cummins standard cab with 5spd that is considering selling his truck.

He has 150k on the clock and it has the original injectors and pump. It is a 3/4 ton model. It has had the front end rebuilt and has 4 new tires with a fresh alignment. The running gear seems to be in top shape and the body is straight.

The plastic inside is crappy looking from the classical UV damage. The headliner is coming loose in several places and the paint on the cab roof is peeling in several spots. Everything things seems to work.

It has an electric winch on the front.

He asked me what I thought it could go for and I don't really have a clue.

Can any one give me some advice on what to tell him this thing should go for?

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The value of the truck in question ( or any truck/vehicle) is solely based on how much someone is willing to spend to acquire it.  Plain and simple!!!  Supply and demand.


If no one wanted it……………….and he wanted to sell it…………………..he'd lower the price in order to sell it………………..or go broke insuring it over time!!

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