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My Oldest Turns 16 Today!


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Today is my Oldest Baby Boy's Birthday today!!!! My boy Shorty turned 16 today    I remember waiting till a little past midnight at the barn with his Momma waiting on him to show his cute little self  Even though Fancy was showing like she was going to drop him at any moment, she was willing to wait to get a little privacy... I had to get up @ 4 the next morning and go to work at the track. I stop...ped in before work to see is he had been born. Well as I arrive all is quiet except for Fancy's usual nicker of hello  At the time I was boarding at someone's private residence and I didn't want to turn on the barn lights and wake anyone so, I walked in the stall in the dark, took 2 steps and just about slipped on my keaster on his amniotic sac!!! Well I think I scared the crap out of my newborn baby boy  e Jumped up bumped into his mother and then bounced off the wall... Only took him a second to calm himself and actually walked over  At that moment he stole my heart    He has been my Mane Man ever since  Happy Birthday Big Boy!!! We had a nice Birthday evening with all his favorite goodies!!post-1978-0-29727700-1398309127_thumb.jppost-1978-0-36358100-1398309099_thumb.jp
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