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Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet...good bad or otherwise?

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Wife and I have both always wanted a convertible of some sort and we both saw a Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet earlier this summer and both liked it.  I have been looking into them and they have only been made for 4 years and 2014 is the end of the line for them for lack of sales. It is a two door coupe all wheel drive convertible crossover SUV vehicle. I have read reviews on them and older folks like them even though they are a 2 door they have a lot of back seat room and is easy to get in and out of. They are pretty much loaded with all options as they are a higher end car to start with, the only downfall is that mileage sucks at only 18-23 since it has a big 3.5 V-6 and all wheel drive with CVT tranny but that is fine with me as I am looking at it as a sort of collector novelty car anyhow to hang on to long term.


I found one local ad am going to look at it tomorrow.


Just wondering if anyone has any pros or cons of first hand experience with the Nissan Murano line, they seem pretty popular and I can find little to no bad reviews online for them but find lots of the regular ones not the cross cabriolet for sale.


Here is a link to the local one I am looking at tomorrow.





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Well added another horse to the barn today. Got it for $2K under book, only 14K miles on it and 13 months of the 3/36 bumper to bumper left and it also has 5/60 powertrain on top of that so that was a plus finding it was put into service late. Last oil change sticker looks like it came out of Illinois. I can't believe how roomy and comfy it is, hard for me to find a comfy car I want to sit in.

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