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Score on better filtration

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For a long time now I have been contemplating better filtration for my truck as it is still using the stock filter housing.....post assassin pump.  I have been wanting to purchase a VP max 3 micron dual remote filter kit from vulcan to take care of this and keep the pump clean and debri free also. I just couldn't pull the trigger as it seemed something more important always required my attention. 


As I cruised through craigslist the other night I stumbled upon a fella selling a brand new setup still in the box and plastic wrap.  He had purchased it for his common rail, but ended up buying a FASS after a lift pump failure.  He no longer needed and the price was right...1/2 price from the websites.  I promptly called him, confirmed its status, and offered to purchase it.  


I picked it up today and will hopefully get it all installed her soon.  I know there are better filters than the Donaldson's which are installed on it, but they are better than what I have now so I can't complain.  Anyway....I am just excited to further increase the life of the cummins and wanted to share.....for some reason.  I'll post a picture once I get it installed.

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