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Fuel leak - suggestions

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I had my vp44 out and re-installed it.  About 1k later, I developed a fuel leak from the bottom of the VP 44 where the #1 injection line is connected.  I have tried to tighten it up, but it doesn't want to seal.   I haven't lost prime and the truck runs good, but leaks quite a bit.


Any suggestions on how to make this seal up? 

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The ends of the fuel lines tend to gather some type of corrosion on them. While it may be minor wen looking at it, it may be causing a leak for you. Try taking off your corresponding set of 3 lines and cleaning them off with a piece of emery cloth, wipe down and reinstall. No guarantees, but a pretty good chance it will resolve it. Good luck.

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I'll   chime in here with a safety warning!



too many guys  over the years   looking for  faulty lines, connections, etc..  would     blindly   take the tip of the finger,   and   wipe  that innocent  drip of  fuel  that is  hanging  from  a  fitting/line.  (to see if  it  reappears in the same spot)



When  they  are  done  fixing,  they  notice  a little raised  red spot or line  across their   finger,  palm, forearm...     2  days later,    it's  really  really  nasty.  Finally go to the doc,  who then   admits them to hospital.  They   really  try to save the appendage,   but  in the end,   amputation is  the only way to save the  mans life.   Gang green.

Sorry about the  public  service  warning!


Back to your issue.   loosen  that  fitting,    ensure  the ball is   fully seated.   well,   Actually,  I'd  take that  3 pack  back out,  check to see if  there  is  galling on the ball first.   If  smooth,     retry   torqueing   back down.    still leaking?      You said   'quite a bit'.   makes  me think you have a cracked  line, or fitting.      

quite a bit, as in   drip drip drip..     or is it just  wet?

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Thanks for all the advice, I definately won't stick my hand in there when its running. Its wet underneath and will drip in various places if I am stopped for more than a minute.


I had loosened up the #1 line 8mm injector line hold downs and tried to get a better seat...but it didn't work.


I will take off the injector lines tonight and get a good look at them and try to get them to seat.

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