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Positive Thoughts about America


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All this negative talk about how much we are borrowing, about how the dollar is not backed by gold, Fort Knox being empty.....

We have something better than all the gold in the world, think about this.....if we keep up with advancements in technology for our military forces and it's equipment. Protecting the rest of the world from evil factions, that we are already somewhat the worlds police force. Just think how the American dollar can remain strong on that basis.

Anything valid here? If the rest of the world looked upon us as their great protector and having the greatest advancements in weaponry, why would a strong country such as ours ever fall into a position of an unacceptable and devalued dollar on the world markets?

I think about this because it is worth far more than gold or worrying about debt. If we need to borrow to keep such a valuable country alive and strong what is the worry? Our dollar will always be valued and accepted.

Now if we could only do a better job of keeping our technology secret along with an expediency toward coherent strategy that's not always blabbed all over the news.

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You have a good point. But there was talk of using the Euro as the preferred basis for oil instead of the dollar.

World economist said that could be devastating to us in the long run.


Question: How far can any country get into debt before they are financially crippled ? 

We kicked Germanys rears in WW1 ans WW2 and their economy went to hell, and they needed wheelbarrows of cash to buy a loft of bread.


Debt is a natural thing when in any size business, be it private, corporate or government, normally. And we as a country, corporations and privately own are very much involved worldwide. Even the poorest country in the world has debt.


But as mentioned above, How Far Can You Get Into Debt ... before you're financially crippled, or the world economy makes a change and we're not top dogs anymore ?

( At this time, we're 17,455,000,000,000 PLUS and rising as fast as an fighter jet can climb. Check It Out ...  www.usdebtclock.org  )

When my youngest grandson was born, the U.S. Individual debt was $42,500 as he left his mothers womb. ( I found and was looking at the USDebtClock site at the time my wife told me he was born) Right now, as I write this, he owes $55,688. And he isn't old enough to started kindergarden yet.


What in the world are we leaving for our future generations to bear ?

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If  we  could   'bill out'  our    'services'  to   the  rest of the  world..  for  being such  good  protectors..       


Jag,  you're   right,     WWII   helped   get the  'wheels'  turning in this   Country..  and    put us  in  a  pretty prosperous   economy (and  deeper in debt  at the same time)     The  depression    had  us  pretty  'flat'   until we entered the war.


We are a  service  country..     We  fix stuff.  (actually,  we  REPLACE  stuff)     We send   people to die  for others.   Where  do we go from here?    

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I think the first thing would be to print new money that expresses our military might along with our willingness to fight against evil for what is good and right.

The new money would easily pay off the old debts and give us a fresh start. A clean slate because we are the strongest mightiest most Godly nation (caring for others) in the world. Not worshipping wealth, building palacial homes and expensive cars to show off, but helping to develop good governments, good economies throughout the world. This would help stop the influx of illegals since in their own country, they can get on their own feet with jobs and a path to strength. Just think of the number of people getting out of the drug business because of great paying jobs that would help develop their own country.

One of the reasons we have a drug problem in this country is because of the peanuts for pay jobs that do not cover a car payment, fuel and insurance. Worthless pay for working like a dog is hurting our war on drugs

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