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Vehicle: Dodge Ram 2500 (2002)

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Well you know the old saying... "If it's too loud your too old." I guess I'm just getting old. I finally opted for a muffler on the truck and got a awesome 3" in and out muffler for $80 bucks from Napa. I will admit over straight pipe its way quieter now. The muffler is a straight through design so there is no baffles per say to create added EGT's. When you look through the end of the muffler its a straight through pipe.


Napa Muffler - EXH 21468





Mod listing...



Installed: November, 18, 2014

Mileage: 238,000

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December 25, 2014 - Mileage 238,730

  • Spray painted the main frame rail flat black.
  • Spray painted the exhaust pipe with 2000*F paint also the color is flat black.

This was done to prevent major rusting issues from occurring. There was small bits of surface rust but nothing serious.

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March 3, 2015 - Mileage 241,500

  • 6 New cross over tubes installed - Vulcan Performance


March 14, 2015 - Mileage 241,747

  • New intake plenum gasket and grid heater gaskets installed - NAPA (FPG MS95087)





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