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No over drive on 47re

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My transmission (47re) was shifting hard for a little while, and then I lost overdrive. I replaced the filter and solenoids on the trans and the hard shifting stopped but I still don't have overdrive. I replaced the APPS sensor less than 10k ago. I have read on here about a band being to tight or lose, but I don't know what this band is or if its slang. Please help, and thanks for the time.

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I'm not a automatic guru by no means. But there is 3 bands in the transmission (if I'm not mistaken). But what your suppose to do is tight the bands up to 92 inch pounds and then back off a set number of turns. Then lock the jam nut. So that's what a band adjustment is in a nutshell. I'm sure one of the gurus will pop in soon.

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Here ia an article about how to adjust the bands: https://www.atsdiesel.com/additionalinfo/3092164/47RH-RE%20Band%20Adjustment%20v1.0.pdf Here is something I copied for another forum (dodgetalk.com)

1. O/D Switch In OFF Position.
1. Turn control switch to ON position.
2. Overdrive Circuit Fuse Blown. 2. Replace fuse. Determine why fuse failed and repair as necessary (i.e., shorts or grounds in circuit).
3. O/D Switch Wire Shorted/Open Cut. 3. Check wires/connections with 12V test lamp and voltmeter. Repair damaged or loose wire/connection as necessary.
4. Distance or Coolant Sensor Malfunction. 4. Check with DRB® scan tool and repair or replace as necessary.
5. TPS Malfunction. 5. Check with DRB® scan tool and replace if necessary.
6. Neutral Sense to PCM Wire Shorted/Cut. 6. Test switch/sensor as described in service section and replace if necessary. Engine no start.
7. PCM Malfunction. 7. Check with DRB® scan tool and replace if necessary.
8. Overdrive Solenoid Shorted/Open. 8. Replace solenoid if shorted or open and repair loose or damaged wires (DRB® scan tool).
9. Solenoid Feed Orifice in Valve Body Blocked. 9. Remove, disassemble, and clean valve body thoroughly. Check feed orifice.
10. Overdrive Clutch Failed. 10. Disassemble overdrive and repair as needed.
11. Hydraulic Pressure Low. 11. Pressure test transmission to determine cause.
12. Valve Body Valve Stuck. 12. Repair stuck 3-4 shift valve, 3-4 timing valve.
13. O/D Piston Incorrect Spacer. 13. Remove unit, check end play and install correct spacer.
14. Overdrive Piston Seal Failure. 14. Replace both seals.
15. O/D Check Valve/Orifice Failed. 15. Check for free movement and secure assembly (in piston retainer). Check ball bleed orifice.

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Is that spring hard to replace? Sorry for all the questions, but im green on this tranny thing.


No, it's simple. You need to drop the pan, take off the filter, and the housing is right there. The cover plate is held on by a couple screws. There's plenty of information out there. If you plan on keeping your truck for a while and doing the tranny work yourself, invest in the service manual from cascade transmission parts, it has diagrams and instructions. 




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