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Time to shop!

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Well, got my diagnosis from the trans shop today, the 47re needs a full rebuild. They want to charge me 1500-2000 for a stock rebuild and 2500-3000 for an updated rebuild.

Considering I could buy a waranteed reman for that or do a 5 spd swap, I think I'll be going elsewhere.

I'm looking at Shift Rite (out of Kankakee IL) or Smart Parts. Both have warantees and seem comparable. Any words on which is better?

Shift Rite is a couple hour drive away so I can bring my broken trans in and make sure it passes core inspection, then leave with my new trans and save shipping cost, so I like that idea.

Any other brands out there in the $1500 range I should look at?

5 speed swap would be optimal but I think that puts me in the next price bracket up.

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Just remember, you get what you pay for. I have tried the "Less Expensive" route and it wound up costing more to get back to where I should have been in the first place. Think hard about your budget.

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