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Faith, Thinking positive, and don't let the stock market fool you.


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Has anyone seen the CNN report about how approx. 33% of Americans have an average debt of $5200 bucks that is in collections right now?

If that isn't a sign that a good portion of workers aren't paid enough. Why do we need to keep working for less all the time as inflation out paces our pay?

Look at the married couple that went on vacation in Hawaii. The wife had a premature baby that needed to stay in an incubater for 2 mos. The Bill is almost a million bucks and is still climbing. Insurance isn't paying because they were from Canada, even though their insurance company is a very large company selling policies all over North America.

How much would a tradesmen need to make in order to equitably pay for a new work truck? You know... his pay being even with what the truck costs in todays market.

How far will this go?

To me all this is a very weird situation and going crazy.

What do you guys think about all this stuff going on?

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