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abs and brake light

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One or both   abs  sensors  in the front axle  are  bad.    


Mine has been this way  for 2 years.   Yep.  on the  'to do' list.


I've  read  where  it's  best to replace as  pairs.   There is enough  differences  in   originals,  aftermarkets,  that  they  have   different   'values',  and  won't  play well with each other.


It takes  a few miles/minutes    to reset the computer  after  the fix.  Don't freak out  until then!



When I start my truck,   the  brake system  goes through it's  diagnostics,  and  about 2 seconds later, 'pop'. the  brake/abs light comes on.  


I suppose  if you replaced the bad  sensor with an identical one (brand)  then you could  get by with 1 side only.

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RockAuto sells the actual oem parts, try them. I replaced all mine this fall and still had the light on. Come to find out the ABS module is bad, still haven't spent the $600 to get it fixed. I guess it's pretty common on all dodges in those years. Scan it before you spend over $100 on sensors. 

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