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What micron fuel filter is reccomended in the CP3'd trucks?

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When I spoke with Bosch they said 5um absolute single pass in the minimum spec.

A Baldwin PF7977 meets that spec, and some additional filters will exceed it.

Dodge did install 10um filters in 03-05ish, but due to excessive warranty claims they dropped to 7um circa MY06. It's better, but not enough. The same engine with non-Dodge filters got 5um filtration.

3um is right for OEM, in my research I haven't found an engine that calls for it. I'm not saying they don't exist, just thst I haven't seen it.

A quick search shows the Donaldon cross is 5um at 95%. I have yet to see a Donaldson filter be worse than the pure part, unlike NAPA/Wix. The Wix filter is 10um nominal.

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