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He351ve stand alone Arduino controller code for 2nd Gen Cummins

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Ooooo that makes sense! but it case it didnt, could you say it another way?
I went through and changed the mcp can1 (10), from 1 through 15. 
mcp can1 (1), mcp can1 (2), mcp can1 (3), mcp can1 (4) etc..
and none of them would result in moving the actuator. 

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Hi again, i just wanted to update the thread, i finally got around to finishing my controller and got everything working with the 1.11 version of code, the main problem i was experiencing previously w

Finally broke down and bought the t3 to wgmt flange of the 351ve.  I should be getting this bolts up in the next couple weeks.  

If I'm looking at it right, this should give the same output.         if ( SwitchPosition == HIGH && EBSwitchPosition == HIGH) DesiredPosition = BoostVeinPosCalc( BoostPressure); //

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Look up the spec sheet on your canbus shield, it will spec out what pin to use.  


I am guessing your screen might be using the same pin as the canbus shield.

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Ok, one more question.

2001 QCSB 4x4

I have 7x.010 sac ducky injectors

Super B single(defuel set 47#)

Low stall triple Goerend torque


Last fall swapped out EJWA to updated v1 quad and updated.... definitely more power and control...still have not played with tuning as it's cold and traction major issue right now, just download a few tunes from moparman to scratch the itch for now.

I would like to utilize all the fuel I have, would the he351ve do this? Would it be a noticeable difference over the super B single? 

I am seriously considering adding some propane, 50-75 HP worth down the road.

 I tow occasionally, but really like street/strip performance

 I read through this post...I am seriously interested...the build your parts and programing.

 Hate to ask all the spoon fed questions, but  I can decide between this and compounds, and start the learning curve and ordering the parts

 That's is some seriously nice work you guys have done...I am definitely leaning towards this allready on that alone


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Hey I'm all new to this I've been doing some online research I already have a 351 on my truck and it's controlled by a spring for now but I'm really interested in making it work with the actuator run by the arduino uno and can bus shield I already bought the parts in the write up can anyone direct me to a wiring schematic to solder the parts I'd really appreciate it! I can't seem to find anything online for a schematic I was gonna just buy the lilbb but it's been outta stock for a while so I'm gonna build one myself

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Posted (edited)

Like what pin in the connector is what?   


if so the hardware article covers it and so does this one


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