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    drag racer

  2. Name: DODGE RAM 3500 (1999) Date Added: 14 February 2015 - 05:57 PM Owner: drag racer Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. thank you, sir. First time out in 4 years last month. maiden voyage w/ new trailer.
  4. Update: truck ran perfect for several days, and then the dreaded TC cycling was back :-( Rechecked alternator - still good, so decided to do another APPS reset. Runs perfect again! Since I don't have a lot of history on this site, the only things I have done out of the host of fixes floating around for the TCC issue are the BD noise filter several years ago, and most recently, re-routing the large ground wire away from the alternator. All my battery cables and terminals are brand new and the truck overall is still like new with less than 32k on it. Question for MoparMan or anyone:
  5. Been chasing the dreaded TCC issue on and off for years. Started off with BD noise filter...it worked - for awhile, then issue came back. Found this great thread - checked alternator....AC current 0.013 VAC at alternator, 0.029 VAC at battery - alternator diodes good, but problem still there :-(. Reading everything I could find to finally solve this, and getting desperate as I am about to tow my new 42' gooseneck trailer for the first time soon and I cannot have the converter doing this and not locking up. Latest fix attempts - 1) did APPS reset and 2) relocated the portion of the big
  6. I am only familiar with the Banks brake, which is what I installed. Their kit comes complete with electronic and pneumatic controls fully integrated into the vehicle and is engineered so you don't have to think about it.
  7. Got it, peace. Next time. - - - Updated - - - *** SOLD ***
  8. Yes, still have it per my original ad. No set price, just looking for reasonable offer. Contact me via PM and we'll go from there.
  9. x2. 275s with an Edge EZ are a sweet combination without getting too crazy
  10. EGR Brakes makes a complete swap kit for duallies. I had this kit, but decided not to run it after installing one side a few months ago. I pulled it back off, and did the Chevy wheel cylinder upgrade instead. First off, it is NOT a badly designed kit, but I just didn't like some facets of its installation and some of the parts it uses. It is very pricey and is known to require e-brake cable modification if you want that to work correctly; I was also concerned about master cylinder volume. Unless you are hugely dissatisfied with your current set-up, I would advise to save your money.
  11. Peoria area on NW side of Phx
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