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  1. jigdog


  2. Can anybody give an idea what kind of temp my tcase should be after being on the freeway for several miles without a load on? its to warm to leave my hand on thank for the help
  3. I am going to get a cassette that has Bluetooth and you put it in your second gen vintage cassette deck and pair it with your phone for tunes.i think it's about twenty bucks on Amazon . If anybody has tried this let us know how it works,I haven't got it yet.
  4. Thanks for the help and education,will let you know.
  5. I m trying to get the parts together for a rebuild,and want to get the right spline numbers.
  6. Ok guys I went to dodge with the vin the parts guy got all he could from the computer but it only shows Dana 70 and ratio and that's all they have, do you have any other ideas I was thinking of calling Dana .
  7. Ok men thanks for the help I will check with the dealer
  8. My Dana 70 has no build tag wanting to have right rebuild parts Can anyone give me info on where I can find my info. The tag on the clove box says Dana 70/2
  9. Not looking for a new one just want to know what length the stock one should be can anyone direct me to where I can find that info ?
  10. Can anyone tell me what the length on my driveline should be from the front yoke to the back ujoint ? It's a y2k ctd auto 4x4 long bed.
  11. Ok I will check the stick and see what it looks like thanks for the help
  12. Its rotational play, the in out and side to side is almost zero and no leaks. The pinion seal was replaced and sleeved about 2.5 yrs ago or 15k.
  13. I have play in the dana 70 when you move the yoke back and forth. It measures about an 1/8 inch worth of movement total is that to much. What is the max for the play.It regularly has metal on the dip stick in the cover. 243k on the clock.
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