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  2. Up in Spokane WA we have to do a emissions test every 2 years. They just do a snap test (push down the accelerator and let up). We have to do this 3 or 4 times. They have never looked under the hood to see what is or what is not there. I have been using 2 cycle oil for quite awhile and have never failed the test.
  3. I know everyone has been talking about if the fuel has been winterized or not which can cause gelling but I have not seen anything about making sure that the fuel heater is working correctly. This is out of the 2001 service manual. "A malfunctioning fuel heater can cause a wax build-up in the fuel filter/water separator. Wax build-up in the filter/separator can cause engine starting problems and prevent the engine from revving up. It can also cause blue or white fog-like exhaust. If the heater is not operating in cold temperatures, the engine may not operate due to fuel waxing."
  4. Just remember that the Scan Gauge is only saying what the computer tells it. The best way to find out for sure is to use a VOM across the battery when the vehicle is running.
  5. According to the manual, they should be 3157's. EXTERIOR LAMPS LAMP BULB Back-up 3157 Cargo 921 Center High Mounted Stop 921 Clearance Roof Mounted 168 Fog Lamps 896 Headlamp - SLT 9004LL Headlamp - Sport Low Beam 9007 Headlamp - Sport High Beam 9004LL License Plate w/o Bumper 1155 License Plate -Step Bumper 168 Park/Turn Signal 3157NA Snow Plow Control 161 Tail/Brake/Turn Signal 3157 Tail/Brake/Cab - Chassis 1157 Underhood 105
  6. MikeUnless I am missing something (besides my mind), four 100 watt lights on the same time at 14 volts are going to take about 28 amps of current (400/14 = 28) and yet you have only a 20 amp fuse feeding the lights.
  7. I put a new Borgenson steering box on my rig and I had to move the the steering box mounting bracket on the stabilizer over about 3/4 of a inch. I just ground down the welding until I could get it off, moved it over and then rewelded it.
  8. I admit driving 50 mph would give me a lot better milage but traveling 800 miles at 50 mph would take a long long time to get there and at my age time is valueable.
  9. I've tried going 70 (since that is the speed limit in Washington and it doesn't seem to make any difference. 75mph is 2000 on the tack and it runs good at the speed.
  10. I just took a trip from Spokane to eastern Montana. Made it all the way from Spokane to Billings on one tank. I did the mpg by hand and it average just about 18 and I was going 75 mph just about all the way through Montana. My pickup weighs over 7000 with a automatic so that is not bad.
  11. Or you could just let the wife start it each time since it worked for her. Not sure how she would like that but you never know until you try.
  12. FARMALL M Farmall M Tractor The first Farmall tractor with an optional diesel engine is the M. It started on gasoline and was manually switched to diesel after warming up. The 400 and 450 diesels used the same engine as the M.
  13. http://www.clearrefining.com/DW-1004-FUEL%20final.pdf
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