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  1. Brianh


  2. I decided to get rid of the haze on the stock lenses so I wet sanded with 600, then 1500, then 3000. Then used 3M rubbing compound followed up by paint sealant. Much better for the time being.
  3. Has anyone tried the HID kits for the fog lights? I am also looking to upgrade the lights and figured the HID would be the best.Not sure how log they will last though, as they seem pretty cheap. I found some on Ebay that I might try out for $76. Says that they are 10000K. Of course no instructions come with them, but it shouldn't be very hard to figure it out, I mean it is just lights.
  4. That sounds like the way I will go then also. The turbo timer is pretty cool so I will definitely put in the other EGT probe. Thanks for the info.
  5. So did everyone add another complete set of EGT monitor, and tranny temp monitor probes?
  6. So I went ahead and put a gauge pod earlier this year with the fuel pressure, boost, tranny temp, and EGT. After thinking about putting a Quadzilla in I am wondering if putting the gauges in was a good thing, as the quadzilla has all of those and it would be redundant. Am I correct on this?
  7. Made the fix yesterday and the truck shifts amazingly different. Very easy repair, but was a little confused about the PDC wire also, thinking that it had to be there because of the 140 amp fuse. After rereading this article a few times I convinced myself that it should be just fine. Works like a champ. Thanks!
  8. My Wife can't stand the truck, but she puts up with it because of the cost for another.
  9. Very helpful, thanks for the info. I will be able to tap the manifold before installing the new turbo also to avoid any shavings. Amazing how much money I am putting in this old truck, but I think that it will be good for another 250K.
  10. I am located in Puyallup, and I too have a 24 valve. Ordered a 3 gauge autometer pod mount, along with 2 ISSPRO EV2 gauges, (1 tranny temp, PYRO gauge) and 1 dual air pressure gauge for both boost and fuel pressure. Hopefully it covers all of them. I know the quality of the dual pressure gauge is not the best, but I think it will work OK.
  11. That looks good. I am going to do the same. Not looking forward to running all of the connections, but something I have been putting off.
  12. I have the fuel pressure idiot light but will be getting an egt also installed. Do most of you guys use the pod mount?
  13. I bet the boost fooler sent in to quadzilla and they said it was good. Tried it on a buddies truck and he didnt get the codes. So i assumed it was an electrical issue with my truck. Let me know if there are preferred vendors to get a turbo from.
  14. Thanks for the info. I will get a hx35w for sure then. Any info on where to buy them new. I will probably give DAP a call tomorrow as that was the company that I purchased the injectors from. Not sure if I am ready to get into the Quadzilla quite yet as I had issues with codes when putting on the stepped down version a couple years ago. Tried troubleshooting the code for low voltage and couldn't find the cause. My hy35 is so rusted that i couldn't get the thing seperated. But pointless if it is not going to work.
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