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  1. dogsled

    Cold... Very cold

    Could be a crank angle , cam position sensor going. My beast did this to me last winter in deep river. Minus 40 and my truck was plugged in for 6 hrs.
  2. Especially when your vacuum pump develops a leak! Blue Pine I haven't lifted my truck because I'm too fat to climb in the bed to unload it. I needed and ended up doing the steering brace, rebuilt hydrobooster borgeson pump and box and shaft, bilstein 4600 shocks, new springs, hell bent steel fully adjustable upper and lower control arms(so worth it), an xrf adjustable track bar and new Moog ball joints and I'm pretty sure every steering component is new. I did most of it in my driveway over the course of a month. Even did the fixin'ram steering column bushing... Then took it in for a nice alignment! Only real pita was the vac pump
  3. Thanks, and now I get another switch or two to play with! Very good and detailed wri5e up
  4. dogsled

    Will not start

    Signal contact on reman'd starters....man i went through 4 of em in a week cause they werent tight. Mine bench tested good but put em in and nope no start. Batteries were good and brand new group 31's. Ended up being the signal contact was loose so when the starter was installed it did the jiggley woo. . Check on that.. it cost me a tow, $385 in labour, and $500 for a brand new starter. Oh and a week with out wheels.
  5. dogsled

    new guy

    Hello everybody from Beamsville Ontario, I am new to the site, but you guys & girls have helped me out SOO much in the past on issues that have sprung up! I felt it was time i joined up, maybe i can help too? A bit about me i am 39, got me 2 huskies who need this truck/limo for them, a wife and step kids. Now for the truck....its a 98.5 2500 4x4 hd laramie slt, ext cab with an automatic. I bought it with the edge jwa, jammer 150 nozzles, 35" tires, banks high ram and monster exhaust, 4.11 gears & transmission blown(lock up solenoid toasted) for $1000. Back in 2009 Then rebuilt transmission with a big single disc conv, in 2 months. After that i did a starter, then a crank position sensor which part of was still in the old pan i replaced last summer. After all that in 2011 i was fortunate to have gotten a full tank of ?? Water and solvent that cost me new bd 50hp injectors, a bd max flow lift pump( replaced /prorated warr from bd) tank module and a vp! After that ordeal thats when i really started to follow this site. Mainly for the electronic bugs with the tcc unlocking/locking. Mr Nelson a personal thank you for that ac voltage test on alternators and moving the cables! 6 years and it hasnt happened since.
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