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  1. I'm going to stop following this before I say something I might regret. Stay safe everyone.
  2. I don't think there is much evidence at the moment for the virus living on food. However, if you're ordering food, or bringing in groceries for that matter, I think it's not a bad idea to wipe all the containers/bags down with a properly mixed water/bleach solution, transfer the food into your own clean containers, and microwave the food before you eat it, which should kill anything that may have stayed on the food. That's above and beyond, but in my opinion it's worth the headache.
  3. Could be the injectors contributing to it, and not just the pop pressure. I'm having a low rpm low load miss that I'm thinking is my injectors as well. 3 nozzles were replaced under warranty and I had them put on brand new aftermarket bodies. I'm guessing one of the other 3 died. I've had two different budget nozzle sets from different companies, both had a short life. How many miles do you have on yours? I know it's not the same issue, but it's something to think about.
  4. @Reaper22 I also have the TCS 4.2 lever and have been experiencing a 2-3 bind in certain situations, no doubt due to a poorly calibrated valve body. When I set my band, I used the factory procedure. Today I decided to loosen the front band adjustment about half a turn, and it made a huge difference. It is now pretty much gone. I locked the trans in second gear and tried to make it slip, just in case the band was too loose, but it seems to hold as good as before. Of course a properly calibrated valve body is best, but this worked for me, and will hopefully hold up strong until I feel it appropr
  5. I would personally be comfortable with those pressures.
  6. I work for a steel mill and we were deemed an essential service. A lot of people here don't get it though. Trying to keep my distance from people, and all the extra precautions have been exhausting. Good news is the pot store close to my house was deemed essential too.
  7. I'll agree with that. I had a local shop build my valve body before doing my own research. I thought I would put my faith in a local "professional". I won't get into details but my valve body is a POS. If I every have disposable income again I'll have it dealt with.
  8. This is frustrating. Yes, there's a chance we're all going to get it. The idea is to delay it as long as possible as to ease some of the stress on the healthcare system. Hopefully this isn't just delaying the inevitable, and buys enough time for the world to deal with this.
  9. That's all fine and good if that's what you're looking for. But, again, there's a different school of though (right or wrong) that says a strengthened pan may contribute to a cracked case if it's struck by an object, because the pan won't "give way" if that makes sense. I guess it depends on your goals, and if your case needs strengthening. It's also possible that a case may have hairline cracks go undetected, and may fail later on if a strengthened pan is not used. Who knows. As long as people get what they want, all is well. Me personally? I just wanted cooler oil and more of it.
  10. Fair enough. But wouldn't you agree that these pans are mostly marketed based on their ability to hold extra oil and provide extra cooling? I don't see a surplus of factory sized pans that are produced for the sole purpose of stiffening the case. I've never heard of anyone shopping for a pan for this reason alone. I also recognize that you have much more experience on the subject. I just wouldn't brand bash a fully functional, reasonably priced product without a better reason; for example, if it didn't do what it was advertised to do. Which it does.
  11. My Derale pan was an excellent purchase, and I immediately saw cooler temps when reading from the pan. I've read some arguments that using a stiffer pan can lead to damage to the case if the pan is hit by an object. I'd rather be replacing a pan than cracking a case. The purpose of the pan is not to be a structural aid; it's to provide a larger reserve of cooler oil. The extra structural support might be beneficial, but in my opinion, just a side effect that isn't necessary.
  12. I think worst case scenario you might need some valve body work. I'd love to get Dynamic to work mine over, I had a local shop do mine and they did a terrible job. Gave it to me with the pressure turned down way too far among a lot of other issues. I turned the pressure up and made it work. If I was you I'd do some reading on pressure adjustments and increase it until you're happy, and go from there. I have a bit of a 2nd to 3rd bind at the moment as well. I ended up tightening up the TV cable a little bit and it helped a little, but I'm probably going to loosen the 2nd gear band half a turn f
  13. I had to google it to be sure lol, It sounds like the 4 speed might have come in around 91.5?
  14. It was a 4 speed (727 with an OD housing added on) but didn't have lockup until 1994 when it was renamed to the A518/46RH. At least not in the diesels.
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