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  1. I think you are testing the cable itself for damage, so it's best that it be unplugged from the VP44 and ECM. Someone that has performed these tests may say otherwise, but that's how I'd do it if I was looking for a short to ground.
  2. I did a little bit of reading and it looks like it's mostly because the motor is already sort of braking when the throttle plate closes.
  3. Mine is very close all the way to about 53 PSI where the quad maxes out.
  4. Saw you post in an older thread, and according to that thread, you need to pull the shift tower.
  5. @Towrigdually this is unrelated, but I noticed in your signature that you have lockers in the front and rear. I'm interested in what you found to fit the D60 front diff. Can you share some part numbers and details?
  6. Here's a few links from a Google search. There's plenty more. http://www.competitiondiesel.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81139 http://www.competitiondiesel.com/forums/showthread.php?t=128604 https://www.cumminsforum.com/forum/98-5-02-24v-p-pump-conversion/1561586-8-3-cummins-ppump.html#/topics/1561586 Keep us posted if you decide to run with it, seems like a neat project if you can make it reliable. The only thing that I'd be concerned about is the static timing. I like me some dynamic timing. And the ability to make those adjustments on the fly. As far as reliability... My truck has already been pretty unreliable, so bring on the P-Pump haha.
  7. Fair enough. Next time I hit the highway I'll try to remember to have a look. Edit: Next Post Have you changed anything on your tune lately? For example, a drop in the canbus fuel percentage settings at the boost PSI range you cruise in would force you to use more throttle to get the same amount of fuel.
  8. There are so many variable that can skew that number. For example, you could easily be at 17% with a tailwind, turn around and have a headwind and be more than 24%.
  9. I don't have anything helpful for you at the moment, but maybe check for blown fuses inside the truck and under the hood. I can't remember if both the ECM and PCM are fused in the interior.
  10. With the communication cable isolates from the pump, grab your multimeter and check for Ohms between either of the two wires, separately, to ground. You are looking for a big number, aka a lot of resistance. Or, preferably, the meter might say O L.
  11. Plastic surgeons have been helping women defy gravity for years. The results are "uplifting".
  12. I personally have no issue with Felpro gaskets, but I think it's a matter of opinion, you'll likely see people swaying in both directions. I did see a video on YouTube once of someone comparing a Felpro vs Cummins head gasket, and they were eerily similar.
  13. Just lockup and 4th are electronic.
  14. If you'd like some help, you will need to provide more details. I'd start by filling out your signature with details of your truck (year, model, mods, etc). And then let us know exactly how your transmission is behaving, has any work been done to it lately, etc.
  15. Winter started with a bang here as well. Tuesday morning was -14C with 30-50 km/h winds. It'll be miserable until April/May.
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