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  1. The alternator field winding leads. I think this is a very rare failure, but since it happened to @Mopar1973Man it's apparently possible.
  2. Is this with the same fuel, or is it possible that your local station has switched to summer blends?
  3. Wait... I can't remember, hopefully someone else does, but if a lockup switch is installed, and you set the switch in 3rd, locking the trans, and pull the lever down to manual second, does the trans downshift and unlock, or does it stay in 3rd locked? Reason I'd like to know this is because if you're lockup wire is shorter to ground it may act that way. But then, with the shift lever in D, it should be locking up in second, so that's probably not the case. You can lock the converter in Auto 2nd on our trans, just not manual second without valve body modification. Food for thought.
  4. I don't have your answer, but have you contacted Smarty directly?
  5. Because it locks when it should, and unlocks when you downshift, I would be inclined to say the problem is internal to the valve body. But I am not an expert, just my opinion.
  6. I'd have to agree. Even on my Android head unit, IQuad is the only device that struggles. I've tried numerous devices, phones, OBD2 Bluetooth, etc, never any problems. But IQuad is very hit and miss, and with certain versions of android on this device it wont work at all. No other device has a problem. Maybe an extension harness to bring the Bluetooth module inside the cab would alleviate some problems, but I don't think all of them. I might just cut and splice the harness to test this theory.
  7. That makes sense. Two different materials that are the same temperature may measure as different temperatures if you check them both with the same emissivity setting.
  8. All of our IR devices (steel mill) that measure heat on raw steel use .88 for emissivity. Typically 1500-2500 °F for our application.
  9. Oil changes Frontand rear bumper R&R Side view mirrors R&R Projector headlamp install with LED bulbs R&R all other light housings/covers Paint entire truck with Bedliner Double din android head unit install Drivers seat replacement Drivers door adjustment to stop wind noise due to warpage Radiator R&R for degreasing Thermostat change Belt change Front crank seal Timing cover gasket Rear crank seal Tappet cover gasket Compound turbo install Injector R&R Injector rebuild Injector pop testing & shimming ARP head stud install Rocker arm replacement 47RE trans rebuild at home Tie rod ends, ball joints, and other front end work Shocks Rear leaf springs Front and rear sway bar links/bushings Drive shaft R&R Trans/Tcase R&R Compound turbo install (HX35 over HT60) VP44 Injection Pump R&R Custom lift pump setup with a Walbro 392 (I don't care what anyone says, it IS enough fuel if lines are done properly) Fass fuel pressure regulator Probably missing some stuff here. All work done myself. More to come in the next couple if months: Snapped the flex plate last spring, so trans is out again. BD black oxide flex plate on order. While I'm at it, ordered a Goerend triple disk 17SS converter, no more slippage. While the trans is out I'd be foolish not to go through it again, and while it's apart I'm throwing in Alto Red Eagle power packs and cranking the line pressure up. Because of the triple disk I'm putting in a TCS Canada input shaft. Leaving the intermediate and output stock. The output shaft will be my mechanical fuse, since it can be replaced by dropping only the overdrive section. Trans will be getting John Deere Hy-Gard Low Viscosity oil (J20D). Also got some Crower valve springs and Manton 7/16" x .120" push rods coming so I can turn the Quad up to 3700 RPM and not worry about float, or worry about blowing a valve open at high boost. Got a different fuel pump off Amazon that flows a little more just for insurance. Will keep the Walbro as a spare. Truck will be mobile again this spring after being down for a year. Will get back on the Dyno some time in 2019 for some steady state timing tuning and to get some new HP/Torque numbers. Expecting some bigger numbers if I can keep the trans from slipping. Shouldn't be a problem now. I should also note that a few of these items were done with the help of the articles section. Thank you Mopar1973Man.com!
  10. Need more detail. Are you saying the converter is locked up as soon as you put the truck in gear? Locked in all forward gears? Locked in reverse too? Or when you are driving and get to 2nd/3rd gear it locks and won't unlock? When you say early 47RE, do you mean from an older truck with different electronics in the valve body? @Dynamic maybe able to help with some more info about the symptoms.
  11. I can't remember where the final revision ended up for quad takeover of fuelling. @Me78569 might clarify. I thought TPS had to be >0%, and RPM above a certain number, maybe 1100 or something, and 100 rpm hysteresis? That's a complete shot in the dark. Likely about 10% truth there so take it for what it's worth. Now that I think of it... I think maybe TPS was not part of it, because of the trucks with drive by wire cruise control. TPS = 0 on these trucks while cruising.
  12. I only have a 4km commute to work. So even my diesel Jetta, with the draw from the glow plug cycles on a cold day, it doesn't keep the batteries fully charged. The trickle charger is key.
  13. Agreed, you're good. On my diesels I always wire up a permanent trickle charger under try hood that charges the battery any time I plug the block heater in. No issues with the quad.
  14. When I had my truck on the dyno, smoke started coming out from under the hood. Turns out, some of that insulation fell down and was touching the exhaust manifold. Started to smolder.
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