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  1. That's really strange though. What level are you running on? Even without wiretap I think you should be able to boost higher than that but I'm not sure, I've never run injectors that small.
  2. @Rather Be Wheeling can you post the specs/mods your truck has? What injectors, what turbo, auto or manual, year, etc. Also if you can, it's helpful to put this information in your signature so you don't have to keep typing it. Here's what I'm seeing in your datalog. You rarely went over 40-50% throttle, but I did find a section where you went to 100% throttle, but only for 4 seconds. I see you got to 26psi, full fuel command and no back down. Your EGT probe isn't hooked up so we can't see what's going on there to rule out a crazy excessive boost leak, which would be evident by really high temps. Fuel pressure sensor isn't hooked up, so we can't tell if the VP is being starved of fuel. If you are on level 3, you could try throwing in some wiretap (level 4 and above) and see how it likes it. Your RPM jumps to 3k pretty quick when you stabbed the throttle, so I'm assuming you have an automatic trans and the converter unlocked, and didn't have a chance to lock up before you let off the throttle. These trucks need some load to get the boost up. You will be able to see a difference in WOT boost unlocked vs locked. Is your converter lockup slipping? Need more info for an accurate assessment.
  3. I haven't used it as an undercoating yet, but I plan to. The mileage on the 6.2 and 10 speed is unreal. Better than the Cummins, with or without my camper. I'll have to get back to you with numbers, not sure what I have recorded.
  4. I can vouch for MonstaLiner. My truck is covered in it. No matter what product you use, it's only as good as the surface prep underneath the product.
  5. I got Mike Rowe mixed up with Mike Holmes. I had a pretty good one liner ready for that tool until I realized it was the wrong guy, lol.
  6. I didn't even notice the deer the first time I saw this.
  7. Exactly. That's where the 37.3 volt measurement is coming from.
  8. Yeah I was pretty thankful that I could stop the leak easily. This is off topic (sorry @Doubletrouble), but I'm having a really hard time getting my quadzilla threaded fuel pressure sensor to seal. I've been using yellow Teflon tape. Should I clean that stuff off and try that white liquid pipe dope?
  9. I hear that... Going down to -24°C tonight. I discovered a small fuel leak on my fuel pressure sensor after work. Work on it in the cold, or turn off the needle valve? ... Needle valve.
  10. Yeah... S**t's always going to flow down hill, and when corporations get taxed more, regardless of the reason, the working class has to suffer. The buck always gets past down to where it stops.
  11. I think a lot of these jobber sensors may not have the correct gap between the sensor and tone wheel. Also explains why it changes with temperature, as things expand and contract. I experienced this with my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4.7L V8. Lost a crank sensor. Replaced the sensor with a jobber from a local auto parts chain. Would run for a few minutes until things heated up, and then it would die. I ended up replacing the PCM and wasted hours troubleshooting. Finally I went and bought a sensor from the dealer, which ended up being cheaper than the jobber, and the problem was solved. My point is if you replace a sensor, and your problem doesn't 100% go away, and nothing else makes sense, don't be afraid to try another sensor. Quality of manufacturing in every industry is suffering as costs are cut to appease shareholder dividends. Auto parts are definitely not immune to it. It's a worldwide disease. Sorry for the negative twist lol. Trust nothing!
  12. Yes, it has a voltage regulator, and yes you are correct, it's built into the ECM or PCM. Same principles apply. The second gen trucks have them in the PCM too, and they can be damaged.
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