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  1. I like this quote. That's why, for the most part, I live in ignorance. I try to only learn what I want to learn, and inform myself on what I feel is important. I don't trust much of the information on the internet, or from mainstream media sources. I don't like being told what I need to know, or being told what I need to be concerned about or afraid of.
  2. If memory serves, I used 15/16, and I think it was a little too big. 24mm would probably still work I imagine. The alternator I have now is from a 2001 Durango so I'm not even sure haha.
  3. Yes. A few feet of wire added can't hurt anything. The only thing that can hurt it is a bad splice/termination or improper shielding causing noise. Agreed. It's an interesting thought. Yep. Again, like I said, because the engine is supplied as a package. Just because it's designed that way doesn't mean it's the best way for longevity. For anyone? Ever? There is no possible way that you could ever know this. This is a made-up statistic. Absolutely. That's why I mentioned it; you would want absolute confidence in your splices and good wiring practice. Without that, it's risky.
  4. I think it's a great idea. The only reason it is where it is, is because Cummins supplied the motor as a running package. No one in their right mind would design it like that on purpose as a whole. The motor is its own entity, it's brain comes attached to it. The only thing I'd be concerned about is the quality of splices and shielding on any analog sensor wiring, and communication bus wiring. If you don't have confidence in that part, I wouldn't do it. If you do, I say go for it.
  5. Guys around here have mentioned that Cummins does not repair ECM's, and they do not have new ones. There is an article on this site with some recommended rebuilders, like Auto Computer Specialists.
  6. I think the app says it'll work with 4.4+, but I had trouble with 4.4 and Version 5. I've used 6, 8, and 9 without trouble.
  7. I don't have a diagram in front of me, but did you short the +5v wire to the ECM input? Not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm guessing it made the ECM thing the truck was running and ran the lift pump because of that. When you turn the key on, you should here the lift pump for a couple seconds while it primes. That's normal. I think the key has to be off for 30 seconds to repeat that. I wish I could help more than that. You may want to tap into the sensor wires and test the sensor input while cranking?
  8. I've had good results with Gates thermostats.
  9. In the ocean I suppose? I guess this makes sense depending on the situation. For example, a single glacier up in the mountains could have been feeding multiple streams, rivers, lakes, etc. for decades, even centuries. For example, in the Columbia Icefields between Jasper and Banff National Parks in Canada, there is one particular mountain range that delivers water directly to something like 3 different oceans in 3 different directions. Soon there will be no ice left, and that water source will be gone. To me, it's just the way it is. Can't put the ice back. Some day most of the ice on the planet will be gone. And then, there will probably be another ice age at some point. Lather, rinse, repeat. Life starts over and the next batch of Humans can invent a better lift pump and front end when they design their version of the 2nd gen dodge trucks.
  10. Very interesting. Can't help but try to draw lines to connect those. You did yours on the road too, right? I can just imagine getting through a VP44 swap and then having no power because if a failed MAP sensor on the test drive.
  11. I wish I could get a couple weeks of global warming here, I'm freezing my *** off after shovelling snow all morning. And changing a map sensor in the driveway. The last couple winters here were the coldest I can remember.
  12. Now that's hilarious. Standard Motor Products was the last one that died on me.
  13. @Gregturley I decided since most of these sensors seem to be crap anyway, I picked up one on Amazon with prime 1 day shipping for $25... All it has to do is beat the $70 rock auto sensor's 30 day record lol. Went for a quick drive and it's within 1 or 2 psi of my 100 psi gauge up to 40 psi. I should put these damn things on a quick disconnect to make them easier to change. Maybe an air chuck.
  14. I'm sure it is a problem, but I'm afraid that's the end of my TV watching knowledge, haha. I'd have to bust out some Google Fu to answer that one.
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