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  1. That's odd. 9004 and 9007 are both dual filament bulbs, and are typically used in single bulb configurations. Do both bulbs in the sport use low and high? That would make sense. Good to know.
  2. Does the NV4500 bellhousing have alignment dowels to line it up like the 47RE has? Because of the dowels, I've never felt the need to use studs to help line it up. Plus there's no splines to align.
  3. @Gregturley Does the cable rub against the spring hook when it travels back and forth? If so I'd be worried about the cable wearing and starting to fray. I like the idea though.
  4. @dieselautopower I got a call yesterday about my injectors, and there seems to be some confusion about what's going on with them. I'll send you a PM.
  5. @dieselautopower you should receive my nozzles on Monday. I chose the slowest most unreliable courier on the planet. My POS DSS nozzles have developed a slight miss and smoke way more than I'd like. I'm eager to get the DAP nozzles back in.
  6. I think he's retained the power bug and is considering more fuel for future air. @Mopar1973Man am I close? Haha.
  7. Mine is a Gates 33956 180° thermostat. Just for fun yesterday I took a screen capture video of the IQuad app on my short 5km drive home. My coolant warmed up to 183, cooled to 177, and settled around 179 for most of the drive, with the odd cycle from 177 to 181. I expect a wilder swing when we hit -30° temperatures in winter.
  8. I've had great results with Gates thermostats. Very little cycling in temperature. Stant on the other hand, I've had wild temperature swings. My Stant acted like this. Never the Gates. There might be more than one model of the same brand though.
  9. Are you sure your wiretap is working? Can you datalog this condition?
  10. @Quadzilla Power Are there any updates on the Gallon Trip issue? Thank you, -Kole
  11. @Timd32 I'm curious to find out how you like the Goerend 15SS. I got the 17SS, supposed to be slightly higher stall than the 15SS. However, I wish it was a little higher yet to get the twins to spool from a dead stop. Nothing else to complain about though, it does it's job well. Edit: I'm also running John Deere Hy-Gard J20D Low Viscosity instead of ATF. Even though it's Viscosity is close to Dexron III, it might have lowered the flash stall a little. I'm also using my crappy injectors until I have time to send my better ones in for service. That's not helping my situation.
  12. No worries, thank you for keeping up with this. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I'm well versed with Android and can handle moderate tasks, USB ADB, etc. I also have root access if needed. And if you want me to test any changes, I can.
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