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  1. For what it's worth, my 7x.014's got me 50-55 psi boost worth of WOT fuel, canbus only. I checked yesterday, and my new 7x.013's max out around 52psi. Basically the same amount of fuel up top, which was the goal. Could be because they're honed to flow more. Or maybe that's pretty much all the VP will flow at full canbus demand?
  2. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Cool! Now I just need to find a second set of 7x.013's to set them up lol.
  3. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I wish I had a second set of injector bodies for this purpose.
  4. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Highway mpg, 0-60 times, smoke output, spoolup times, sound of engine (like a percieved change in timing), EGT's at various scenarios (spoolup, idle, cruising, max boost), max boost without wiretap. The wife finally managed to stall it yesterday in the car wash lineup, driving over a chunk of ice.
  5. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    I think this theory is sound.
  6. Quadzilla Adrenalin power wire fuse

    I like that idea. I'm not happy with my install and this seems like a good option.
  7. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Well it was a nice thought lol.
  8. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    @dieselautopower I need to mention that I found another somewhat rare situation that proves to be a little bit of a pain in the ***. Last week I went to pick up some furniture. I had to parallel park on a side street, between two vehicles, in a snow bank. It requires some pretty awkward throttle stabs, and I found out that the situation is quite a bit worse in reverse. Not exactly sure why. Maybe because the reverse gear ratio is very slightly smaller than 1st. Put it in reverse, no big deal, quick blip of the throttle, or heavy press with a quick let-off and brake after rolling over a chunk of snow/ice, and I'm stalling. It's something that I can work around, and the wife has never had an issue, so it's still pretty rare. Doesn't bother me much, just a little embarassing of there's people around, haha. @Me78569 Let's say I want to keep these at 365 bar. (Because I do... 50% because I like the way it drives, and 50% because I don't want to spend ~4-5 hours on a saturday replacing and re-popping injectors when there's oh so many oil leaks I could be fixing). Are you interested in playing with: 1. An anti-stall feature, likely tailored to people with automatics and high injector pop pressures. Yeah... Probably not a big market for that... Would likely only need to be active at 0% tps. 2. Extra fuel while cranking. I totally understand that there are huge implications here, and the Quad will likely not be happy about controlling fuel while cranking when the battery voltage is being sucked down to nil. Still though... I am prepared to give the quad it's own 12V battery and diode isolate. In the name of VP44 science. I don't want to open up the SAC vs VCO debate, but I have not read a compelling enough argument to pick SAC over VCO. All I can tell you is that with the 7x.013's popping at 365 BAR, my theoretical maximum fuel flow is probably reduced a little bit, and I don't need wiretap to break 50psi with my setup. I haven't turned off the boost limiter yet, but wiretap is pretty much dead to me, lol. The tune I'm running now is a little hazy from 4-15 psi (totally made up those numbers), but it can be as clean as you want it to be. When I bought my original cheap 7x.014's, it was because I didn't know much and I was paranoid about not having enough fuel. They smoked out the dyno shop at 63 psi and would hit 73 on the highway (more air). That was before v2 of course. Too much injector now = not enough tuning. Kinda.
  9. Custom Quadzilla Tuning R & D Thread

    Based on my limited testing, i'd say anything under 350 BAR is fair game, ready to go, no problems and no extra work or special programming needed. 365 drives amazing, but the minor quirks still bug me a little. It's no big deal, its just not perfect. However... this thing is extremely fun to drive, and I'm convinced the higher pop help me get some extra fuel during spoolup without the added smoke. I just can't keep my damn foot out of it.
  10. Adrenaline V2 won’t load custom tunes

    The only way I can get mine to connect is click the identify (or update) button, and then immediately after, plug the USB cable in. If I plug the cable in first, it almost never works. I also have to disable antivirus (Bit Defender). Try that if the driver is already installed properly.
  11. Yeah that makes sense. The ECM can still pull timing for emissions purposes which is counter productive. Still has that goofy curve with a bunch of variables that we don't care about. Slight problem though. I downloaded the tune and it shows a 12 degree offset acrros the board instead of the 2,3,4,5,6 you have listed. This could be problematic, lol. I think that's what @Dieselfuture was getting at.
  12. Refresh my memory. Set all timing parameters (screenshot below for reference) to zero, and then the RPM based timing turns into an offset? I kind of want to play with this when there's time. Edit: I realized as soon as I pressed send that I could just import the tune and look at it... My bad.
  13. iQuad User interface

    Lol all good.
  14. High Idle Switch install

    Then why the hell haven't I bought one of these yet? Lol.