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  1. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    Truck runs perfect now. This is what I had to do, injectors rebuilt and reset apps. Thank everyone for helping me out
  2. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    I had injectors rebuilt that has seemed to fix the surging of the engine. My apps is at 8.6% at idle I'm gonna try to reset because it's hard to stay at slower speeds. I'm still having hard starts but if I turn key on and off until wts comes on it starts fine. I'll be inspecting fuel lines for air leaking in at connections. I'll keep y'all updated. I will also be adding fuel pressure gauge and trans temp gauge. Thanks for all the help
  3. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    I've changed filter I'll check tank
  4. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    The wts comes on for a couple of seconds. Truck had been sitting up for 3 years before I got it from a relative. I recently had the IP changed and lift pump. I had read on a site that it may be the copper crush washers does anyone have any ideas on that? The truck seems like the fuel shuts off while driving the rpms will drop 300-400 and come right back up.
  5. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    I have to turn engine over a couple times before it starts
  6. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    I don't know anything about fuel injectors. How do I check them?
  7. Mopar1970man

    Engine miss

    It was happening sometimes before IP swap. Changed IP because it was smoking and had no power changed lift pump when I changed IP. It is also hard to start I have to cycle key a few times before it will start it idles and has plenty of power. There are no mods on engine.
  8. I have 1999 cumins 4x4 automatic that has recently had vp44 replacement and while driving it seems to miss it mostly does this not under a load like when going down hill it doesn't do it while accelerating. It has two new batteries. I am not getting any codes no check engine light and I have no clue what to look for on a diesel.