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  2. Just an update I found the problem and it was a bad Reman from NAPA like CTcummins24v had stated. I went and reved up the truck and it turned with one finger. Called Napa and got a replacement. Put it in and now all is well for the time being with the old 2nd gen. Thank y’all for the help!
  3. I rechecked fluid and it’s full. All lines are new as well other than the 2 return lines. Bother the ones that clamp. I guess I need to start unplugging everything and checking the hoses?
  4. Hello, I replaced my steering box and pump last night (Both bought through NAPA reman since I’m broke and get a discount through work) and hooked everything up as it was before. I then had the front tires off the ground and turned the tires back and forth about 20 times. Then started the truck and did the same thing. Everything felt smooth so I put the truck on the ground and turned the steering wheel and everything seemed fine. I went to back out the driveway and as soon as I hit my brakes I lost everything. So I muscled the truck around the block and back into the driveway. (Its 2am by this
  5. Thank you for your help. Hopefully I won’t have a problem putting the old sensor back on.
  6. I unplugged the sensor and it dropped back down to normal idle rpm range. I purchased the sensor from Timbo website. I guess I’ll have to try and get in contact with him. Can I put my old sensor back on the truck for the time being?
  7. I removed the Timbo sensor and restarted the truck. The idle is still around 950 after taking it off the plate.
  8. So at that point would I just disregard the installation voltage and keep backing off idle screw till it starts to idle correctly?
  9. I just received and installed my Timbo APPS and did everything the instruction said and watched his videos as well. Then when I started the truck it quickly jumped up to around 1000 rpm and didn’t drop. Tried to recalibrate once again and it still is idleing high. Please help as this is my only vehicle currently.
  10. So I got the problem fixed. The ecm plug came apart so I glued it back together. Now everything is working but it sounds like I'm having a misfire and Some white smoke coming from the exhaust. Any ideas?
  11. 10-4 only bad thing is I had to replace the slave cylinder so I'm following mopar mans video on how to prime it but having troubles with that as well. So can't start till I get that figured out. Lol 1 problem after another.
  12. Not getting any error messages. I will take the fuel filter off and verify the Ecm is plugged in tight. I started it as I have other dodges using the normal bleeding procedure and than it started ran like crap for a bit than started idleing fine once the air worked out. I started a few times after that as well while trying to get the gauges to work. It fired right up like normal. Than redid those grounds and now the lift pump won't even kick in.
  13. Ok so I recently rebuilt my motor and put it back in the truck this week. I got it started fine and to idle but the oil pressure, tachometer, and thermostat gauges were not working. (Oil pressure is fine though I have a mechanical gauge) Did the cluster test and everything worked fine. So I disconnected the batteries and cleaned the 2 grounds to the motor. Put dielectric geese on grounds and tightened. Reconnected the batteries and now my lift pump will not kick in. As well as the gauges still not working. I have double and triple checked that I have everything connected to the correct spots a
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