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  1. I got the same reaction when I wanted them to reprogram my ECM. Also got the same treatment from Dodge dealer too!
  2. New injectors tune help

    Ok, so I have had the truck on the lift all weekend, I have drained the trans 3 times, changed solenoids, and traced wires till I'm blue in the face. So I put the DDP125's back in so I can at least drive it. I know the torque converter is not locked at idle, due to when you tap the brakes it will unlock. I have ruled out everything, except for the TC stall. With the 125's in it, you have to let the tuck warm up to at least 120° and when you put it in either R or D it will bog down then catch back up but you have to stand on the brakes even when driving and come to a stop you have to stand on the brakes. And I mean stand. With the 7x.012 it would just die all together. Even trying to tap the throttle it would still die. I even tried running it up to 2000 rpm and putting it in drive on the lift off the ground and it would die. No load on the tires at all. So this is my thinking,and I've been known to be wrong. I have a stage 5 5r110, with a stage 5 converter both from Revmax. This was in the 08 f250 I bought. I knew the owner and worked on the truck when he totaled it. Trans only had 4000 miles on it. So the converter was for a built 6.4 power stroke. I say he was around 600hp. So that engine doesn't make the torque that the 5.9 makes at idle. So with all the reading I've done, the 5.9 is making the already low stall even lower. I have searched and see that ATS makes a Fummins converter just for that type of swap. It is just very pricey, so I'm gonna talk with some other converter companies. I will let you all know.
  3. New injectors tune help

    I did have a manual ECM and it lopped like crazy. Could not drive it. So I had it reflashed to a auto ECM and everything was ok, so to speak. Then I put the 7x.012's in and I can barely get it going once I put it into gear. Called revmax today and they said it sounded like the converter was locked at idle.
  4. New injectors tune help

    Mine is Android
  5. New injectors tune help

    I will get with revmax and see if they can custom make one. As far as exporting a tune, I will when I get home this evening.
  6. New injectors tune help

    I finally got the DAP 7x.012 VCO injectors installed last night. I downloaded the daily driver 7x.012 and it is not showing up in the custom tunes. So I tried again and it said there was a file already. Also when I place the truck in reverse it sometimes dies, but when you put it in drive it is fine. Can the quadzilla help with that issue, and if so how. The Cummins is connected to the 5R110 that was in the truck. It was built by revmax, and had a stage 5 converter in it. I'm thinking I need to go to a higher stall rating, but not sure.
  7. I had the same issue as you, did you install the Dodge PCM, and if so is pin #6 of the PCM grounded. This was my write up.
  8. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    So I received my injectors in the mail, and there seems to be a discrepancy. The package says 7x.011 but engraved on the side of the injectors says 7x.012. I'm ok with them, but will they be streetable.
  9. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    Well I've had alot going on so I haven't been on here. I ordered some 7x.011 DAP vco injectors on black Friday. Hope that makes a difference. But I also found 9 of the 12 exhaust valve stem seals were trashed. I checked them all including the intakes, and none of them were trashed. I changed them before I installed the engine. Could it be that they were brittle from sitting on a shelf to Long? Never have I had this happen. Any thoughts as why? Also Scottfunk, did you get yours straighten out?
  10. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    I'm afraid you will need a PCM to remedy this situation. The PCM has to see ground whenever it is not in park. The ECM doesn't see the ground, it just gets a signal from the PCM saying all is clear.
  11. 351C Overheating Issue

    With that much rust and scale buildup, I would say that the new radiator is probably clogged. You see the circulation only on the top through the cap, it doesn't take much to clog the cores. Take the radiator out and flush it out and see what comes out. Also the passages in the head could be clogged too, what ever the issue is, always the old saying, USE IT OR LOOSE IT always wins.
  12. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    Well I'm tired of trying to get these DDP injectors to clean up I'm just getting a lot of smoke so I looked at the DAP injectors and was wondering what I was wondering what the difference is in the sac and a vco injectors. Which one should I get was looking at the 125 or the 150s thanks
  13. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    Thanks, I will try that. As far as the injectors go, I never read anything bad on them, only they smoke. But hey, I went through a costly learning curve with the 6.0
  14. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    ok, i know i should start a thread in the quad part, but don't want to bore anyone out there. I'm used to the ford 6.0 tuning and the vgt turbo. so that is all computer controlled. So now i have to put my less than smart hat (stupid for lack of better words) on. The following is what i have been playing around with. It is fairly clean running just takes a little bit to get the turbos to light. So my question is how do you get these turbos to light? I'm assuming that the more fuel you add the more they spool or is there some other way. sorry for the stupid question. I have seen 57lbs of boost so far. Thanks for the help. Power Levels: 6 Timing Fuel Load Timing: 1.5 Low PSI Timing Reduct: 2.5 Timing Reduct Scaling: 100 Light Throttle Timing Adv: 3 Light Throttle Timing Load Limit: 15 Timing vs rpm 1500:18 2000: 20 2500: 22 3000: 24 Timing Max: 26 Wiretap Pump Stretch: 1800 TPS Pump max: 100 TPS Pump Min 20 Minimum Pump Tap Fueling Percentage: 5 Pump Low Boost Scale PSI: 10 Boost Scaling: 35 RPM Limit: 3500 Power Reduction: 0 PSI %: 77 1 PSI %: 78 2 PSI %: 79 3 PSI %: 80 4 PSI %: 81 5 PSI %: 82 6 PSI %: 83 7 PSI %: 84 8 PSI %: 86 9 PSI %: 88 10 PSI %: 90 11 PSI %: 92 12 PSI %: 94 13 PSI %: 97 14 PSI %: 100 15 PSI %: 103 16 PSI %: 106 18 PSI %: 110 20 PSI %: 114 22 PSI %: 118 24 PSI %: 122 26 PSI %: 126 28 PSI %: 130 30 PSI %: 134
  15. 02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    Ok so now I need some help with the tuning. It's an 02 Cummins with the following mods: DDP 125hp injectors, ARP 425's, billet oil squirters, SO VP44 pump with BD wire tap, 120# valve springs, DPS 62/65/12 Turbo with a Borg Warner S475 Turbo, FASS 150 titanium, mishimoto intercooler, straight 4" exhaust back to 2- 6.5" stacks. So I am not very familiar with the Cummins tuning, as I have always had Ford. The latest being a 6.oh no. But the Cummins resides in it's spot now. It is mated to a stage 5 automatic 5r110. Would like some help with a daily driver with good manners ( I live in Charleston SC, so stop go traffic). Also need a good Dyno tune for when I go to Rudys Fall Jam. Still learning.