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  2. I will get it all together in the coming week, and post it. I just got it all straightened out,😁
  3. Well the new VP44 is in, and it runs alot better. I have to change some of the program to take fuel away, but so much smoother now. Haven't hooked up the wire tap yet, so when it gets to around 45 to 50 psi it wants to buck, but I think that's the lack of fuel, I hope. One question I do have is my Fass titanium is putting out 20 psi. Should I set this at around 16? Is 20 too tight? Thanks for all the help and comments 👍
  4. It's not an oil burn I've done all the other checks everything is fine valve stem seals or fine and it's not a blue smoke is just you know almost like a haze constantly it's either hazing or black I did it compression check when I first put the engine in and they were all 6 cylinders were within 20 psi and they are all in the 490 range. So we'll see what the deal is when the VP gets here
  5. I've done all the above, only thing left is the VP. I have blueish smoke and black smoke most of the time. Even with the Quad I can not stop it from smoking. So we will see come this weekend, fingers crossed
  6. They do spool the twins quicker, I just ordered a VP44, so hopefully it will be here Friday so I can get it in this weekend. It is starting to feel like I'm back in my rodeo days. My truck idles fine, and revs fine, it's just the constant speed it wants to buck. Give it the go pedal and it stops.
  7. Well I have tried everything and can't get rid of fthe bucking. I've replaced injectors with the stock ones and still does it, disconnected the Quadzilla and still does it, did the apps relearn and no help. So I'm down to the Vp44 now. So I'm going to replace it and see what happens. I have read alot of forums and the one thing that keeps being said over and over. No codes and bucking. So I will keep you posted. As far as having the injectors poped to 330, I'm very pleased with the idle, smoke is non existent unless I want.it, and so far my milage has increased by 3 mpg. All this with the pump acting up.
  8. That's cool, glad you got it finally doing you right. Mine is acting up right now, it's getting frustrating, but I will figure it out. I've got a bucking problem and starting to believe it's the VP going south. I've got another thread on it all. Congratulations
  9. I tried turning the starting point down and if I go below 82 the truck stalls. It's been raining cats and dogs here today so I haven't been out of the house to get the tune. But I know if I go that low it dies.i don't have an issue going through the gears, just a steady rpm and it does it or hammer on it from 55ish it will do it after a few seconds of reving. Almost feels like a skip.
  10. I'll have to pull it up tomorrow as it's in the truck. But I did manage to upload a datalog. iQuad-2018-12-01-11.45.10-2143444009.csv
  11. No codes, and just getting very disappointed. Wishing now I would have p pumped it. It's even doing this on the stock tune setting. The alternator is a Ford and it was tested ok. Engine has more grounds on it than VanCamps has pork n beans. I placed more.grounds on it as I run a linear and push alot for talking skip. Money isn't the issue, it's listening to my wife that kills me. Luv her though!
  12. Alternator is fine, fuel pressure is a constant 18psi. The Cummins is in the Ford.
  13. Yes, although I did not tow with it until today. This bucking happens in drive and overdrive. Kinda like lugging the engine at low speed. Most notable at 55mph, I'm running 1550ish rpm, 22% throttle, and 16° of timing. The canbus is all over the place, don't know about that. Load is around 20 to 25%.
  14. Well here we go again, I just want to take my 44 magnum 300 grain hollow points and just see how this engine will hold up!!! To say I'm disgusted is an understatement. Granted the engine idles better, and I do get better milage. The power is there when I need it. I just don't like feeling like I'm on a bucking horse going down the highway. With no weight on the truck, I thought it was just a tire out of balance. Today I hooked up to my gooseneck 20' and it bucked to no end at 55mph. Fuel pressure is good at a constant 18psi. The only thing I haven't changed is the VP44. It is driving me insane, and to top it off I can't figure out how to data log the quadzilla. When you hit data log it just shows the highest number reached in each category. The numbers never change. So how do I know when the data log has started? Getting really frustrated with this issue, and I know I won't be able to tow my 5th wheel like this. Seems to be getting worse. No codes, so anyone got any suggestions.
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