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  1. Well so far my exhaust valve seals have held up with the green gold. When I did them I cleaned the mating surfaces good then put everything together. I let it sit overnight before I started it. I have to change out injectors this weekend so I will recheck them and the intake ones.
  2. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    I'm in the middle of reading this topic "Testing Injector Pop Pressure in the real world" and starting to understand the pop. You know trying to get a powerstroke person to forget everything they know and learn the Cummins is not easy. I guess it's the simplicity of the Cummins that's the hardest to digest, like taking a step back in time.
  3. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    I had about 30,000 on them and I just wonder if it's something in the system that's causing it cuz I've got a set of DDP ones and they act up really bad so I don't know. Anybody out there with any experience with this like to know if there's anything that could cause it I'm new to Cummins so this is all a learning curve
  4. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    I got them last year on black Friday.
  5. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    HATS OFF TO DAP!!!!!! I just got home and my injectors were delivered. According to the paperwork, 4 of the 6 wouldn't even pop. The 2 that did were in the 270 range. They cleaned and installed 6 new nozzles under warranty and repoped them for 330 average. Thanks again to DAP, and I will update once they are installed. Probably be this weekend.
  6. mossyoak71

    02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    So have you gotten your combo straight now? Mine has been fine, just battling injector issues. Think the pop pressure is too low. Sent them back to DAP to be raised to 330. Time will tell.
  7. mossyoak71

    02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    Idle and fueling. Also on my engine it needed to see the ground from the pcm in order to fuel above 1850. That's the revlimit for the auto.
  8. mossyoak71

    02 Cummins 1850rpm max

    It will work. The only reason I had to use a pcm was for the ground signal. The quad only manipulates the ecm.
  9. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    I have one but they are the SAC style and I can tell a difference in them. Although they are smaller, they smoke more.
  10. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    Installed the DDP125's I had laying around and they are running ok. Although they are very Smokey and laggy. Sending the others off today.
  11. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    Thanks, I'm putting in my other injectors tomorrow and sending these off to be checked and reset.
  12. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    Thanks and guess I'll put the other ones I have in and send them off. I'll let you know
  13. mossyoak71

    Engine stumbles

    No needle valve. The injectors are DAP and only have 25k miles on them. The gauge never bounced until this issue started.
  14. The info in my signature is up to date, with that in mind, I have an issue with the engine stumbling. No matter if I'm in the 0 setting or 3 setting it will stumble on acceleration from around 55 mph. When if you slam the throttle. In the stock setting it doesn't do it as bad. Feels like a miss. Now if I place the quad in 4 or 5, it will stumble until it kicks the wire tap in and then you can feel the miss ever so slightly. There are no codes, I have changed out the injector lines all 6 and torqued them down 28lbft. I was thinking it was the old lines, maybe they were just over torqued, no luck. This issue is really prevalent when towing. Now with no codes, could it still be the VP? Also I have noticed that my pressure gauge that I have hooked to the fass is bouncing. Still holding 20psi at the fuel pump, but pulsing. Just confused on where to go. Don't want to start throwing money at it. The VP is 14 months old and has 45k miles on it now. Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance.
  15. mossyoak71

    04 F250 Cummins swap

    Another update: Well an update on the suspension. I did allot of research and measuring and thinking, and thinking some more. My original front axle had 350k miles on it. So I researched rebuilding it and just parts were around 1800. That's new everything. So I decided to go with the 08 suspension. Guess what, all the brackets bolted right up. Had to drill some holes but most holes were there to line everything up. The radius arms mounts were bolted to the frame with 5/8" grade 8 bolts (7 each side). The coil spring buckets were bolted on with 1/2" grade 8 bolts (6 each side) I purchased a 4"zone lift kit with new radius arms. The track bar mount bolted right up, but had to drill and tap a hole on the frame for the front bolt and make a tapered spacer for it. I had to use a Rough Country adjustable track bar to center the axle, the one with the kit was too short. Off by 3/4". The 2 hardest parts of the job were: A) getting all the brackets off the 08 frame, man what a pita. B) trying to mount the 08 sway bar. I made some mount adapters and the are just temporary to make sure everything is good then I will redo them. They look crude right now. All I can say is wish I would have done this when I was doing everything else. Man what a night and day difference in the ride quality, turning radius, and braking. I will post up some pictures of the work shortly.