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  1. mossyoak71


  2. Hate to hear that, I did mine 2 weeks ago and so far so good. I used the green GOLD. I did not so the intakes, so fingers crossed.
  3. mossyoak71

    Quadzilla gauge issue

    Learn something new, so I guess that's a good reason to get more gauges 😁 thanks again
  4. I've noticed when I tow my fifth wheel, or any trailer with weight to it, when the temp gauge on the quadzilla app goes past 204 it will read -40c. 5he dummy gauge on the dash is still in the normal range, and if I let off of it for just a little the temp will come back to 204° and slowly drop on down. So has anyone had this issue and if so what is the fix? Thanks
  5. Well I'm doing mine this weekend, just got the green GOLD in.
  6. Well after much deliberation and reading, I have decided to use the Pioneer Automotive T-51444. Just ordered it off eBay. If it doesn't work out, then no harm no foul. I need to o ring my head anyways due to high boost pressure but just haven't talked myself into it yet. So I will by a head and have all the work done to it in the near future. For now I just want to stop the smoking at the stop lights and in slow traffic. Bugs the crap out of me.
  7. Oh I will. We just might find a solution to the problem. Hopefully not a problem to the solution 😁
  8. So just ordered 24 of the regular ones and 1 of these. The whole order was only $22. With shipping. Think we've been getting ripped off from other companies. (Parts stores). Just had to set up an account with them under my farm.
  9. I just ordered the others but I will order 1 of these and while I'm doing them I'll check it out.
  10. I'm going to try the Lions head. Cheaper than a head and removing it for the work. Fingers crossed!!!😃
  11. No, not yet I accidentally ordered them. The intake side still looks new. My exhaust seals look like a beaver got in the valve cover and just chewed them up. I've noticed that if I don't get over 35 psi they last but as soon as I have a couple of good hard 50+ psi runs then the start the slightest smoke then it just gets worse in time. Bugging the death out of me. So I'm watching this!!😃
  12. Very interested, my exhaust seals are the only ones I have to keep replacing. I just chaulked it up to twins. But I also got the top hat ones and was told about the lip, so I'm looking for an 03 head. But will wait to hear from this thread.
  13. mossyoak71

    Cummins swap

    I built my sick o, 3 times and it finally made me PUKE!! I'm a die-hard blue oval man, but I did the swap with an 02 Cummins and love it. I will say that my 6o was built, studded, and pushing 600+hp. Now off the line it would get the jump on what I have now. With that said, the twin turbos light in this Cummins and it's caddy bar the doors, hold on tight. Haven't had it on a Dyno yet but I'm sure it is more than the sick o had. But this is my 2¢ worth. Love the fummins!! Only thing I can tell you is talk to DCS. Diesel Conversion specialties. I know they have done it, but if I recall, you need the steering column because there is a module that is in it to get it to run. Something like the PATS system on Ford's.
  14. mossyoak71

    24 Valve ECM overheating?

    Glad you were forced to find the fault. Sometimes that's the only way I can figure out things. Put me in a bind and I'll get it!
  15. mossyoak71

    24 Valve ECM overheating?

    Have you tried just to power the relays with another key on source, and see if it happens. Just do your fuel pump and see if it still does it. I use a key on power wire, not the ECM wire for it. No issues as of yet.