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  1. An update to anyone who reads this thread the new version of this radio with the same model number and seller has changed completely inside, it no longer works with the stock speakers with amp, the first version did but on mine the power button went bad so I ordered another thinking it would just slide right in no wiring changes etc. But nope. If you already have aftermarket speakers it will work out of the box.
  2. Cool $600 sounds way better then $1200 for lights. Do you have to buy adapter wiring?
  3. it says qty 1 does that mean $600 per side or for a pair? And do those hook to the existing wiring or are there pig tail adapters to buy also? I need better lights.
  4. There are so many things it could be but someone needs to pull it apart and check everything. The job is really not super hard yea the crossmember is a little bit of a *****. Things that come to mind are maybe the installers did not keep the pressure plate,clutch and flywheel in the right order? They come with a big paint stripe on them that SB puts on after they get balanced. Maybe the angle of the trans is slightly off and they tightened up like that on the pressure plate and then it is slightly binding? Are all (not most) of the rubber rivets in place? Then if that all looks good there is the transmission. Waiting hoping seems like it will cause damage to something. Good luck though!
  5. My SB DD street clutch has been as advertised, shifting is slower than the valair I took out but not by much, clutch is quiet except when my rpms are too low for the gear I am in then it growls a little. Even reverse with a heavy trailer works which was one thing I was worried about from internet posts. Mine is the new style with the little rubber gromets on the center plate to keep it quiet.
  6. Biggest bummer for the current nv4500 is just the plain lack of quality rebuild parts. I am always looking on ebay for oem gears and parts. But I think I will be doing a built G56 as my next project.
  7. I have it solved now, I sent the question to the seller who then sent me actual pictures of the ports in back and the wiring. I had looked at the drawing that comes with the deck and had concluded that the video port in was the yellow one that was closest to the antenna port, but the images said no it was the opposite so I went out and took the deck out thinking it would be an easy fix (but I had already tried the other port before) hooked it up and yep no go! I thought maybe I got 2 bad cameras so I ordered one online, it came hooked it up yep, no go. Then just for kicks I hooked the orange wire off the deck (that is not used in the wiring instructions) to the red wire on the rca cable and the other end of the rca at the trailer hitch and bam on comes the camera. So really what messed me up was the orange wire the whole time and the new picture instructions just being wrong just took me farther away from figuring it out.
  8. I am bummed I bought 2 of them one for the dodge and one for my work truck and they do everything they are supposed to but there is no video image when I go into reverse. The lights on the camera come on but the music does not interrupt. I looked through the menu to find anything to change but do not see anything. It is a real simple hook up yellow vid cable and red and black power. I thought I might have used the wrong yellow on the deck but nope tried both for fun. Any weird menu item anybody has found who bought one of these? Thanks in Advance.
  9. When you use the 3 Revo settings the SW catcher you pick does not matter because you are using Revo.
  10. Bryce Kennedy (Cuda) 5-3-19 $40 (2 $20 dollar donations from bryce@seattledrainservice.com shows paypal took it from my bank Plus one paypal for $2.50 for a tune but that might be a separate issue Hope you got that one also
  11. Thanks I was trying the stock tunes as well. I will try just leaving it at 7 for a bit.
  12. What number is being used to run this? Or are you changing the 1-10 setting based on how much power you want? I did about 60 miles with it today. But I was on every number from 4 to 10.
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