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  1. Those are the settings I am running now since I installed my DAP 7x9 injectors, TM2, T4, D5 but I have the TST3 set on 1 or 2 so that can get to the upper boost levels when needed. I am getting 21 mpg on the highway. I input SW 5 but I still feel like that does not matter with the Revo settings on. I had to start all over when I installed the injectors but this is where I like it right now. I will get the adrenaline box pretty soon and start over again lol
  2. Red line also sells trans fluid that says nv4500 right on the container and the weight is right for the nv4500 MT85, they also sell MT90 and MTL and MT85 is for the NV4500
  3. cuda


  4. The description of the gauge spoke of it but wasn't real clear Thanks I just ordered them.
  5. The next thing I will install is that dual gauge to read my nv4500 and the rearend so instead of these manual flir pictures I can see things like me towing is 5th vs. 4th over certain parts of the freeway. I like that plastic cover you have Katoom I found the gauge at Genos but I don't see the cover listed for the dash cubby hole?
  6. I would like to put one on my front end more to make fluid changes easy but I plan to upgrade the steering and have heard of a lot of complications with the Mytek in the front making contact so I will wait until the front end is all done and look at all brands when I have measurements in hand.
  7. I have seen those not really buying it though.
  8. Finally got around to putting my Mag-hytek cover on my dana 80. It stays cooler longer with the added 1 gallon of fluid in there. It cools down way faster than with the stock cooler. I went with Red Line 75w90 a quick $150 just to put a cover on lol. Here is a pic after a 100 mile drive on pretty flat freeway.
  9. Even though @Tittle is using TQ1 or TQ2 they just didn't work for me and if you look at the chart not one of the factory catcher SW's uses TQ1 and only economy was using TQ2.
  10. I bought the same one you had linked to when you bought yours, I bought 2 but because of clamps and the transmount I could only use one from the turbo back. But on my camera the top heatsink was way hotter than the rest actually looked like it was heating the tranny instead of cooling it. Now with the blanket on the nearest to the exhaust heatsink is very close to the others temp wise so I am getting benefit from this. Thanks for the link from your past it is what I used instead of measuring etc.! Oh I aslo bought the Mag-Hytec dana 80 cover too I just have not put it on yet, did you have to do the jb weld thing on yours?
  11. Got my thermal blanket installed and did more testing no major improvement but the top fin is now very close to all the others in temp and the trans on the passenger side cooled almost 10 degrees. So it is worth it for any help from the big exhaust monster.
  12. I will say @tittle's preferred base settings of 1-2tq, 4 T, and 5 D I did not like them for my truck, so far for me I keep going back to 3tq 3T and 3D which is the same as catcher SW 3, sometimes I will slide into SW 5. And I truly think there is a difference between how the tunes work in any configuration between an automatic and a stick.
  13. The camera is a flir e40 but it has been hacked up to their best unit a e60 (simple file change via ftp) It is a real accurate quality camera I use it to find water leaks in basement foundations and a few other construction tasks. Yea Katoom I read your post saying you had to buy bigger clamps and I just spaced it out and din't buy them. Clamps are not cheap either.
  14. I can't remember the guys name but I have seen his posts on here and other sites but he installed coolers and a heat blanket (not heat rap) I bought the same ones but I need bigger clamps to install them. I think they will really help with the close case contact and heat. I am pissed I didn't buy the clamps so that I could have got it all done in one shot but now I will have something to compare it to. lol
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