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  1. When you use the 3 Revo settings the SW catcher you pick does not matter because you are using Revo.
  2. Bryce Kennedy (Cuda) 5-3-19 $40 (2 $20 dollar donations from bryce@seattledrainservice.com shows paypal took it from my bank Plus one paypal for $2.50 for a tune but that might be a separate issue Hope you got that one also
  3. Thanks I was trying the stock tunes as well. I will try just leaving it at 7 for a bit.
  4. What number is being used to run this? Or are you changing the 1-10 setting based on how much power you want? I did about 60 miles with it today. But I was on every number from 4 to 10.
  5. with the latest mpg tune I wanted to install it then probably lower it in a couple spots to match my smaller injectors 7x.0085 dap or should I just download one of the older tunes from when you had smaller injectors? Thanks
  6. Thanks just ordered it, now I have to list up my TST3 and smarty but I think I will wait till I get to the same results or better than I have now.
  7. thanks! I saw a random screenshot that Mike posted and saw v2 and 4k listed and thought he and everybody else was using the 4k unit and didn't want to buy the wrong one.
  8. The new 4k unit, does it also have the standard v2 version software in it so that I can choose not to use the 4k tunes and be a regular quadzilla? Is the 4k unit strictly a race unit? I want mpg but also when not towing to be able to create a good power tune. I still need to do studs but want to buy a quad and don't want to buy the standard one and then have everybody say "oh you bought the regular one bad choice" lol My revo paired with the TST3 is giving 17-21mpg but there is a tad amount of smoke that I think the quad could dial in a bit better.
  9. Those are the settings I am running now since I installed my DAP 7x9 injectors, TM2, T4, D5 but I have the TST3 set on 1 or 2 so that can get to the upper boost levels when needed. I am getting 21 mpg on the highway. I input SW 5 but I still feel like that does not matter with the Revo settings on. I had to start all over when I installed the injectors but this is where I like it right now. I will get the adrenaline box pretty soon and start over again lol
  10. Red line also sells trans fluid that says nv4500 right on the container and the weight is right for the nv4500 MT85, they also sell MT90 and MTL and MT85 is for the NV4500
  11. cuda


  12. The description of the gauge spoke of it but wasn't real clear Thanks I just ordered them.
  13. The next thing I will install is that dual gauge to read my nv4500 and the rearend so instead of these manual flir pictures I can see things like me towing is 5th vs. 4th over certain parts of the freeway. I like that plastic cover you have Katoom I found the gauge at Genos but I don't see the cover listed for the dash cubby hole?
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