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  1. Not a problem , I am always up to help in any way I can . I am not up on my CTD as well as most , but have the gasers down pretty good .
  2. Hell ya we can help him out with the rango .. come on over .. any questions ya have we can help
  3. Checked all the above . Thought I had it fixed started up good for a few days ... now after sitting overnight on first start up .. same . But the rest of the day it is fine . I seems to take dam near 10 hrs sitting for this to happen
  4. Well after doing the new trubo swap .. and the 50 hp DDP injectors I have had a hard start issue . Replaced all the o ring on the injectors twice .. new injector tubes twice .. o rings on them twice . Tightened all connections , replaced the line from the filter to the VP with a big line kit . ... still air is getting back in and draining back . If the truck sits for more than 2 hrs it takes 3 cranks to start . Before it never did this with the OEM stuff . I am at my wits end . yes I searched , yes I did the baby powder , yes I parked it up hill and down hill ... If this cant be fixed I am lost . Banjo on the back of the head tight , t fitting tight . Battery's are good , VP is new , raptor 150 is new . Fuel PSI is 19 idle 17 driving 16 wot . Key on pump primes for 2 sec gauge reads 19 psi ... crank no start until i crank 3 times . Once started it will fire all the time , just wont after it has been sitting .
  5. The one hanging , does it have like a bigger end on it ? I was wondering what this one was .
  6. Thanks MoparMan We at ramforum.com could use any and all CTD guys to help out . I have seen ALLOT of how too's and good info on this site that I would love to see on RF . So if you can sign up with us and post . Hit me up on there and let me know you came from here .From one CTD to the other .. thank you for the help and support . For those of you that are on RF from here I say rock on brothers , I wont forget your help .ramhunter9
  7. That is freaking awesome ..... looks like your truck was made for it .
  8. Guess I should hook up and see what I get . But normal driving on this new to me truck reads 700-750 at 65mph
  9. I need to do this as well .. I have a feeling my injectors are bigger than I originally thought after buying this rig .
  10. LOL , but I see you made it and are having a good time .
  11. Like the title says I have 7 brand new bottles ... All 7 are yours for 50 bucks plus 5 ship PM me if interested as I do not monitor this section often link info for the product AMSOIL - Diesel Concentrate Performance Fuel Additive (ADF)
  12. I have a complete kit with instructions and USB cable. 120 bucks plus 5 ship PM me as I dont monitor this section often Retail is 200 bucks Thanks Dave http://www.quadzillapower.com/products/index.cfm/p/Max-Mileage-Module-Dodge
  13. That part of the registration is now gone , you should be ok now --- Update to the previous post... Its not the 5 + 5 spam deal, its that stop forum spam one that goes to a database and looks over normal usernames that are used for spam accounts. If you are trying to sign up as say Matt and that username has been used a lot with spammers, it gets blocked. Now if you add a few numbers to your username for now - Matt1234, it will let you in and we can change your username to what they want after the signup.
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