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  1. I have everything figured except where and how to mount the bracket. I just figured I would look on here see if anyone has one and what they did to mount it.
  2. Because its a $150 tank heater that I paid $75 for. It also keeps the coolant at 140 degrees and is more energy efficient then the block heater.
  3. I had bought a hot start engine heater from a buddy a year or so ago and am just now getting around to installing it. Well I am looking for ideas on how to mount it. The bracket they send you is absolute garbarge. So if any one on here has one please let me know how you mounted it. Thanks You can see a picture of the heater I here: http://hotstart.com/home/products/tank-style-engine-preheaters/small-tank-style-heaters-tps-models/
  4. No not all trucks have themIf you look at your mirrors, in the bottom left hand corner it will have a little square with vertical squiggly lines printed/etched in the glass and you will have a button to turn them on below and to the left of you HVAC mode control switch (for 98.5 - 02 trucks) You can't just put heated mirrors on a truck that did not have them before without installing a new wiring harness. PITA
  5. ^ good advice. Check the stater relay, check your connections at the bottom of the column, and the starter contacts.
  6. Dripley, I have run royal purple in the trans since it had 55k on it. I have only towed about 50K and it ranged from 10ft Jon boats to my 30' GN. The rest of the 150k I put on the truck was running from MS to NY and from MS to FL. I have never had any issue from my trans.Blueox, Research is what I am doing now and so far people have said "yea you need a 100T press" and "yea NV5600 are hard to rebuild" but no one has chimed in with any real experience on why. I mean the absolute worse case scenario is that I have to take it to a shop with a large enough press and have them press the gears on and off for me.
  7. I run 6 qts of royal purple synchro-mesh and change it every 50k. With 245k and the fact that there was not that much metal in the oil last time it was changed, I have a feeling I'm getting close to a rebuild. I understand the concept "if its not broke don't fix it" but I don't like running stuff to complete failure nor do I like be stuck on the side of the road.
  8. Blueox01, When I changed my trans fluid it looked like there was a glitter factory hard at work inside and yes I have a 4x4. Not making any noises or giving any problems but I like to be proactive on things.
  9. Ok let me go another way with this question.........has anyone ever heard of converting our trucks to manual hubs using parts off a donor ford axle???
  10. I'm sorta confused........what are you asking? If your asking what I think your asking you don't want the CON OFEK. That clutch is for transmissions with the 1 1/4" input shaft. Your truck has the 1 3/8" input shaft so you would want this clutch http://www.peakdieselperformance.com/catalog/item/4914492/4993122.htm . As far as the flywheel is concerned, you can take it to a machine shop (possibly NAPA) and have it machined true again usually $20-$30. Just like brake drums/rotors it has a min thickness so if you have had it machined before make sure its still within specs. --- Update to the previous post... Whoops, I looked at the WRONG OFEK clutch. I didn't look at the 1947-OFEK. The difference between the 1947-OFEK and the 1947-OFE is that the OFEK comes with a flywheel. If your flywheel is in good shaped (not gouged to heck and back) and you have not had it machined before you can save $200 and get the OFE. And to answer your question about driveabilty, I am running the 1947-OFE and like it so far. While I was breaking it in it was pretty grabby compared to the stocker. But after the break in period it feels only slightly more aggressive that stock. I have had it for about 90k and had no issues.
  11. I'm in the market for a new steering gear box. Problem is I can't afford the one I want from Geno's Garage and I need one soon. I have had bad luck with Napa's reman gear boxes so they are also out of the question. So has any one had any luck with Advance or AutoZone gear boxes?
  12. aWhasssupp!!! Come on how many people are on here from the NORTHEAST ? I would like to point out that New York is not part of New England as well :banghead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_England
  13. Yea War Eagle that's pretty much how I feel. It would take alot of miles to pay off $2000 worth of of hubs at 1-3 mpg more.......unless you count the the money it could save in unit bearings. But then your talking about 200k miles to possibly make your money back.
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