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  1. That Judge is just the ticket to dispatch those bad boys.
  2. When the Walbro's work they are fine but are very susceptible to dirt and debris, same with the Airtex. If you need a good deal on a VP44 feel free to send me a message.Eric800-991-7996
  3. Yeah something probably came loose or disconnected. I don't have a "toaster" (grid heater) in mine and when the temp is any where near 50_ degrees she wont fire and I have to leave it plugged in.
  4. Welcome! Looks like we'll be headed to your state soon to open an affiliate in San Antonio. Texas rocks!We just extend that breather tube down and get rid of the bottle, keeps the mess out of the radiator.
  5. I put one of Chip's pumps on a few years back with the wire tapped from day one using an Adrenaline and now a hot Comp with no issues.
  6. Most of the tanks we pull are for the most part clean but weve seen a few that have a real dark green sludge in them. On older models say 94-99 the steel components inside the module can be quite rusted.
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