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  2. Hi Mike, sorry ive been tied up. for whatever reason ram has left this wide open. been digging mud out already, cant wait for the snow and ice.
  3. ISO company that makes the top dead center piece for inner fender well liners. Or whole new linner. Ram in their infinite wisdom left that piece out in their 18 dually. Have contacted them, and I can get from the little girls that answer the phones and emails is sorry but unfortunately... TIA.
  4. hello everyone, looking for information that can help me make a decision on new rig. Being a 798 pipeline welder I travel from top to bottom, coast to coast of this great county of ours looking at a new ram dually with the I6 and Aisin tranny.Seems all that is available in the 18 models the 4:10 gears. Now after reading all the info that i can find, I have yet to find anything that will give an idea of the truck will ride down the road at 70 with just my welding machine and tools loaded up, about 2k lbs id say. towing a 10k trailer from job to job should be a breeze. But Is the rpms just gonna be screaming? I cant help but think that somewhere there has to be a chart/graft showing this info. TIA Bill
  5. Morning,I'm having dead peddle issues in my rig and stuck up on a mountain. Put a new tps in and the followed the reset proceedure, no luck. How did you test for voltage? I have a meter with.
  6. HX35W turbo too small for the 275 injectors ? exhaust is 4" turbo to muffler, dual 4" back. on a side note, brake booster sprung a leak. looks to be from the flange closest to the fire wall. wet under side. are they rebuildable ?
  7. I did find out that the turbo is a Holset HX35W, couldn't find out what size in MM thou. and the toy hauler is just under 10K with one bike in it. Thanks again for all the input, PS does anyone know what injectors come on the HO 5.9 ?
  8. sorry fellas, most of the paragraph that I typed this morning didn't show up, had to do with nv5600 being a six speed. But since we are talking tires, this tire n rim combo were free, so I'm gonna drive em off. Been running door sticker air psi, seem to be wearing ok, cept front right. that one always gets cupped really fast on outside edge but here is what my door sticker says.
  9. morning, my data is limited as well as coverage, want u to c this, pg 1A.
  10. Hello and good morning, I recently bought a 33' toy hauler. and I quickly found out that my rig is not set up for towing that kind of weight. wondering if I can get some recommendations for solving this dilemma. truck is all but stock with a juice with attitude programmer. set up is as follows, 01 3500 dually HO 5.9, 6 sp man NV5600, front axle dana M60 f/ 248mmFBI, rear Dana 80 (hybrid) ( not quite sure what that means ) with 3.55 gear ratio, currently running LT 245/75R17 tire n rims. I work this truck 6 days week as a union pipeline welder, time is precious and I only want to have to do this once. does anyone have experience with the gear vender product? Anyways it time to burn rod, thank you in advance for any and all help.
  11. a little on the warm side here in Ohio, so ive been using the AC a lot. the other day I noticed the floor was wet, sure enough I peeled up the carpet an the carpet is soaked. clean water so I'm thinking its condensation. does anyone know if there is a drain under the dash that could be clogged or disconnected ? thnx in advance
  12. Hey every one, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. After a 3hr run lets say from MPLS,MN. to Duluth, MN. 190 miles. I get to hotel turn key off and pull it out but truck still running. this has happened a couple times now. I let it run for bout 10 minutes while I checked in but still wont turn off. had to put in gear and let clutch out. thnx in advance.
  13. Thnx, much better than line x. had it done at Crysteel truck in Mankato,mn. sorry cant remember brand name of mat'l off the top of my head.
  14. well, they all light up bright under braking. I guess that's all that matters. thnx every one.
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