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  1. Yes sir popped right off. I want to thank you all for taking the time to help me. I learned a lot along the way.
  2. IT'S ALIVE!!! My buddy came over and he cycled the key while I loosened injectors. Next thing I know fuel is spitting out. He said he was pushing throttle down slightly while motor was chugging. true story!
  3. Yes I have fuel to the banjo bolt at pump. Are there any specialized tools needed for pump swap out that I would need? Ive always been pretty good about making sure power service anti gel is in the system before winter. I suppose gelling and gumming are not the same thing.
  4. I ordered one. have any idea on what its gonna tell me? do the vp44s get rebuilt, is there a better direct replacement?
  5. No I have not. Do you recommend a good scanner? I do remember last time I drove it to Hay Days that the fuel gauge was all over the place. I figure once I get it moved I could replace sending unit. I would wager that this truck is one of the few remaining rust free 2nd gens in MN.
  6. I had tree line damn near off but no fuel flowing. must have cycled 6-8 times. got it to chug but just wont fire....
  7. Got the starter installed turns over really quick now, got fuel to vp44. but not popping off. Seems to me its lost its prime again, even after having a shop replace a check valve. What is the proper way to prime pump? TIA
  8. Thanks fellas for the input. I only get home on the weekends witch makes things difficult. last weekend I was searching for the neutral safety switch down on the clutch pedal, all I can really see is what I would say is the hydraulic plunger. SWo I crawled under and looked at tranny driver side, nothing. Passenger side is a 2 wire connector that worked it self out, I thought that might do it, but no. The #2 fuse checked good. Ill check the relay tonight. While I was having the fuel issue it cranked over just fine, is it possible the starter got to hot and just failed ? Yes all light
  9. Could I please get some help. Ive trying to get my 01 6 spd manual started after sitting for 2 years now. I got the fuel problem fixed. turned the key and nothing. new batteries fully charged. Are there still neutral safety switches? something else I could be looking for ?. TIA
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Went to check voltage at dueche connectors at pump. both wires fell off in my hand from corrosion thnx to these pesky Minnesota winters. fixed that and walla! got fuel. Never ends tho, went to fire her up and nothing not even a click.
  11. Ole girl has been sitting for a good while. waiting for glow plugs to warm up I didn't hear fuel pump run. The FASS 150 has been flawless on the 01 dually over the years. 12.95V from battery across 30 to 87 on the relay but only 8.5V across 85 to 86 with ignition on. Ive never been good at diagnostics, seemed logical. power and ground from original carter pump. That 2 pin connector leads into large factory harness that's run along the block should have 12V right?
  12. wldbil95


  13. Hi Mike, sorry ive been tied up. for whatever reason ram has left this wide open. been digging mud out already, cant wait for the snow and ice.
  14. ISO company that makes the top dead center piece for inner fender well liners. Or whole new linner. Ram in their infinite wisdom left that piece out in their 18 dually. Have contacted them, and I can get from the little girls that answer the phones and emails is sorry but unfortunately... TIA.
  15. hello everyone, looking for information that can help me make a decision on new rig. Being a 798 pipeline welder I travel from top to bottom, coast to coast of this great county of ours looking at a new ram dually with the I6 and Aisin tranny.Seems all that is available in the 18 models the 4:10 gears. Now after reading all the info that i can find, I have yet to find anything that will give an idea of the truck will ride down the road at 70 with just my welding machine and tools loaded up, about 2k lbs id say. towing a 10k trailer from job to job should be a breeze. But Is the rpms just gonna
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