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  1. Jolsen


  2. I need long travel air bags but they are extremely expensive
  3. yeah its sorta hidden but its a black 90* on the passenger fire wall
  4. I have been running the nations 180amp with the stock wires and fuse for 6 months no issues yet, nor do I expect any.
  5. Jolsen

    Wheel bearing failure.

    I use red and tacky. and grease at every oil change
  6. Jolsen

    Wheel bearing failure.

    my passenger went out at 215k. driver side is still ok at 223k...
  7. Jolsen

    Wheel question

    should fit. might rub a little but should clear
  8. Jolsen

    Sac or vco

    Depends on what you want. pros and cons to both.
  9. Jolsen

    Wheel bearing failure.

    What is the best wheel bearings out there for our trucks? I am thinking about doing them while I get my ball joints done.
  10. Jolsen

    LED Headlights

    When in the Civic more lights blind me, then in my pickup or semi. I think most fail to remember alot of people are in cars and thier head is only 34-40 inches off the pavement...
  11. Jolsen

    LED Headlights

    That is why some have mounted further back. The reflection off the hood will cause night blindness. I have a smallish 32" mounted to my bumper. It puts out more than enough for me. I might mount one in the headache rack when I get around to building it. Just as a work light/ get off my butt light for tailgaters.
  12. Jolsen

    Help with a 1999

    My 99 would max out and hold 28 psi on wot with the stock hx35w.and a 60hp program. All I had was an adjustable elbow. so I believe you have a leak or your wg is opening early.
  13. Yeah no reading on the plug ends...