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  1. How often do you check oil specs ? They do it often here: Home About Us Methodology Contact Us January 2015 Click Bottles Below for Data and Assessments SAE 15W-40 TEST RESULTS Test Results for HDEO Motor Oils CLICK BOTTLES FOR DETAILS Chevron Delo 400LE Mobil Delvac 1300 Super Castrol GTX Diesel Warren Oil Lubri
  2. Of the oils you listed Mystik would be my 1st choice , Super-Tech next , then the Traveler oil. Any of these would be a great choice, price would be a deciding factor from there. I spent many years in the oil industry and know all these oils well.
  3. Could it be the person inputting the info did a typo, one is a BLK wall tire other is RWL ? Possible both are really a E range tire.
  4. We have a station close posted 2.64 for on road #2 winterized fuel . Just outside the K.C., Mo area.
  5. Here we go more on the pc11 oils. Labels Debated for PC-11 Oils BY STEVE SWEDBERG • DECEMBER 17, 2014 SAN DIEGO -- Last week, the New Category Development Team took up the ticklish issue of how to label the coming diesel engine oil upgrade for consumers. The upgraded category, known as PC-11, will need two distinct names under the American Petroleum Institute’s licensing system. One could follow the familiar API C series, but the other version must be flagged clearly as a fuel-economy specification for the latest-model engines -- not for existing and older heavy-duty diesels.
  6. One product I have heard great things about is KREEN , use it with any oil , it will clean out a engine or pan. Be sure to change filters about 500 miles apart after the use of this product.
  7. Stick with the 10 ply tires , less expensive in the long run. Just my .02 cents worth.
  8. North American Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Properties Engine manufacturers support the introduction and use of ultra low sulfur diesel (“ULSD”) fuels (i.e., fuel < 15 ppm sulfur) having uniform properties. Specifically, the Engine Manufacturers Association recommends that, at a minimum, all ULSD fuel distributed in North America meet the requirements of ASTM D 975, as well as the following additional performance requirements: (i) Cetane. Using ASTM D 613, ULSD fuel should have a minimum cetane number of 43. Although ASTM D975 currently requires a minimum cetane number of 40, EMA has a
  9. As far as a winter blend , just add 2-cycle TCW-3 oil and forget it , for Bio fuel look at National Bio-fuels web site , they have a drop down menu shows state by state or via Hwy route.
  10. Name: Dodge 2500 (1999) Date Added: 29 October 2014 - 10:53 PM Owner: skellyman Short Description: Bone stock/ Automatic transmission. 2 WD LT-245-R-75-16 E View Vehicle
  11. Ah..... the monkey fur dash , reminds me of my youth , wait do I still remember back that far ? Some days yes, as to the Dashcap I learn to the LMC replacement.
  12. Added my truck , now if I can figure out how to load a picture. Lol
  13. I love the Pittsburgh Power on my N-14 Cummins , so when will someone do it for my 99 5.9 Cummins ? the P P offers flip up power on the fly up to 175 HP , can someone do that for the 5.9 ?
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