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Older edge 141075

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I probably shouldn't be bothering  you fellas but you look like you know whats up! I have a 2001 dodge diesel and around 2003 I bought an Edge programmer box model 2000.2b model 141075.. Such as it is! Anyway I had a neighbor who wanted to buy it, so I took it off my truck, and he decided he didn't want it! So recently I got a wild hair and decided to put it back on my  01 dodge for helping tow a 31ft. 5th wheel. Any way I misplaced the installation instructions {dumb ***!} so I'm screwed! So the problem I have is you have to splice into the three wires on the map sensor with the three wires from the edge for the map sensor which are green, red,and white. I know how to tap into injection pump wire so no problem there! Any knowledgeable help appreciated !! The Edge people can't seem to help!  Tom    bwbrewco@gmail.com



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So this edge harness doesn't have a dongle for the map sensor, they want you to splice into it?  


Can you upload a picture to photobucket of the harness from the edge at the map section?   




If I was you I would buy all the right plugs and do it with connectors vs hacking up the dodge harness.  Nothing good ever comes from that in my mind. 



And Welcome by the way!  Welcome to the Family.

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What I am struggling with it if the edge wiretaps, it should surely boost fool, right?  how on earth would it do that with only 3 wires?   I know currently, the boxes pass through the ground,  Power runs to bother male and female plugs and run to the box, then you have 2 sensor wires.  


See what I mean by looking at the quad map harness in this article. 




thinking out loud, sensor wire into edge, sensor wire with boost fooling from edge back to oem harness?   and maybe a ground? 



This could be a rather complex issue to solve without a manual to look at.  Who knows what edge was doing.  


Pictures are needed and you will also need to plug the edge in and use a multimeter to figure out which of those 3 wires are power or ground. 

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From your email



Thanks for trying Michael, I'm working with Edge now, they know absolutely nothing about this old model, I  think its one of the models they scraped some time ago ! The young bucks nowadays only know about plug and play, they have no idea of the function of each wire or will bother learning! So I'll put the unit back in the truck and use some jumper wires on the map sensor to determine the proper sequence for hookup, one of the wires is for ground so I only have two to play with. The only reason I brought this up on this website was I figured there were some old heads on here who just might have been familiar with this unit or had access to a manual. Once the green light comes on it'll be game on!! The only real problem with this unit is the EGT's will go off the chart if not monitored closely as opposed to the new ones! I registered on this website when you first put it up a long time ago but my registration got lost so I registered a couple days ago again. This is without a doubt the best and most informative diesel website on the internet!! Good Job!  Tom



Curious that they have a ground from the unit.  


Really pictures would help a lot.  Can you open up the unit?  if so maybe the header might have some sort of writing on it?


My issue is if the edge does boost fooling you will need to cut the wiring for the sensor wire of the map, the sensor wire should go into the edge then from the edge back to the oem wiring.



Excuse my terrible drawing and writing but this is what I am thinking. black/ light blue from map should be ground plug B, Orange from map is your 5v Plug A , and grey/red is your sensor volt from sensor Plug c.






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