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Hello from West Plains, Missouri

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Merry Christmas to all! My name is Lance. I reside in Missouri about 12 miles from the Arkansas border. Own my own business and we run the family cow/calf operation. I have an ALL black 99 DRW. When I bought the truck it was basically stock. Had an Edge comp box on it. Since owning it I'm currently running a Valair DD, DAP 150 sticks, BD 63/68/14 non-gated, ARP studs, water/meth system(only to cool while towing), Fass with Draw Straw and 1/2 inch lines, Comp box(now unlocked), and 4 inch TBE to 8 inch stacks. She's got 340,000 on her and I would get in it tomorrow and pull my 40 gooseneck full of cattle to Texas, which we do fairly often.

 I should say I'm 48 years old and will be in the market soon for a 2011 Ram, LOADED!!! Am getting old and want COMFORT!! But I will ALWAYS have the 99' !!

Nice to meet you all and I am sooo very thankful for all the valuable information that you provide!! I've done as much of the improvements to my truck as I can but would have NEVER been able to do so with out this website and others like it where its just truck guys helping truck guys! God bless you all!! Moparman, you live in some of the most beautiful country in the world! My mom, dad and sister have lived in NAMPA for 15 years now. Come up EVERY chance I get to hunt!

Guess I need to update my signature. lol. Soon!


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Glad to meet you Lance.

23 minutes ago, Navajo said:

 I should say I'm 48 years old

Heck I'm 45... You are not old. :lmao::lmao2:

25 minutes ago, Navajo said:

My mom, dad and sister have lived in NAMPA for 15 years now. Come up EVERY chance I get to hunt!

Well you better come up north next time for hunting...

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Getting old at 48... he he...just a young pup really there Lance. Nice of you to join us.

If you think your old, that means is its time to start a new project on something you always wanted. In a couple weeks hard work,  wanting it........ you will find that your young and strong all over again.

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Welcome Lance.  Have not seen 48 in some years be I wont hold that against you. I am right at 360k on mine all with help of the members here.

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