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What's going on?


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Haven't been on in awhile and wanted to see what's been going on. I've been busy (about to go replace a front seal on an 03' F150 V6 actually) and have been living on ar15.com buying and selling stuff. 





turned in to this



and this 



turned in to this. 



Now it's time to stock up on ammo since it's an election year and people will start to loose their minds and buy up everything come fall. I'm so happy that the availability and price of truck parts isn't affected by random acts of violence and who gets elected. 



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22 hours ago, notlimah said:

Nice looking rifles there! Wish we could get SBRs up in my area without having to wait forever to get ATFs approval. I keep saying I'm going to get an AR but truck parts keep taking over the funds.


I set up a trust and Efiled. It took around 3 months after submitting my Form 1 to get my stamp. I'm also going to build a suppressor once my latest stamp comes in. I'm going to SBR one more lower before 41P goes in to effect in June. 


I hear you on truck parts, currently my steering gear is in need of a rebuild asap. 

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5 hours ago, JAG1 said:

Those are nice ARs, but if you fill game with that much Ammo don't you break your teeth on bullets a lot?


The AR platform is one of the most inherently accurate rifles by design.  Very few unnecessary parts and extreme repeatability compared to older designs and most newer ones... However, it isn't made for hunting.  Though they do serve as excellent varmint and deer rifles.  If you haven't shot one, they are extremely fun.  The AR and ARFCOM started my whole gun nut life... all I wanted was one.  Yeah, one.  So much for that!  


As for my shooting, I have been way too busy for a while to do much, but I have been casting my own 405grn bullets and loading old school black powder 45-70 rounds for this thing, made in the 1880s...   One of the most fun guns I have ever played with.  



I really want to go shoot a .22 lr competition this year, they have a tactical 22 "sniper" style shoot that goes out to 400 yards or so.  My .22 is at about 88 moa of elevation at 400 yards.  :pray:


And once in a while, some other stuff gets to come out and play.  




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Nice antique rifle too. I thank you for some education on this. I do have a 65 caliber flint lock pistol and couple modern day hunting rifles. My dang shoulder is out now so I can't lift up the rifles to shoot. Never had so much pain. I have to rest the rifle on something in order to aim.

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