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Air filter performance ratings

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Hey all,

Well after reading and contributing to this thread, http://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/256272-Air-Filter-one-dirt-road-and-the-minder-says-Now!/page2

I am curious if anyone has a collection of data on various filters that conclusively shows which is best? Does anyone have oil analysis while using a BHAF? Anyone have a comparison between Donaldson BHAF and OEM filter? I know some of you must....I know I chose the Donaldson BHAF for a reason but I don't remember actual ratings anymore.....


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Well this is really quite frustrating. I've been searching high and low and so far this is all I've found

Brand - DuraLite 
Efficiency - 99.9% 
Efficiency Test Std - ISO 5011 
Family ECB 
Rated Flow HR - 678.04 CFM 
Rated Flow LR - 448.5 CFM 
Rated Flow MR - 589.75 CFM 
Restriction HR - 7.99 MM H2O 
Restriction LR - 4.02 MM H2O 
Restriction MR - 5.98 MM H2O 
Style - Round 
Type - Primary

That is concerning the Donaldson B105006 which is what I have on my truck. I don't even know exactly what all that is lol Do air filters not have a micron rating? Obviously there is efficiency, which I kind of understand. Then restriction, I get that, but isn't there anything that says how large/small of particles are allowed to pass through? Or is that what ISO5011 indicates?

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It would appear the ISO 5011 is a test standard that can be applied to any filter. I googled it and came with a lot of hits on this. Here is just one of them. http://www.thedieselpageforums.com/tdpforum/showthread.php?t=11674 

That is how they came up with the flow and restriction listed. Seems to not have the info on what and how much will pas thru it.

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I doubt you have anything to worry about. You've seen Mike's pic of his turbo after some 100k miles through the BHAF right? Pretty good looking results. With the amount of people running them, I'm pretty sure we would've heard of any particle filtration issues with the BHAF. I finally got mine installed earlier this week.

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