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Security Theft System

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My truck has a factory security theft system. It was an option for our trucks. When you lock the doors with the key fob, the truck will not start without unlocking the system with the key fob.


If you are inside the truck and lock the doors with the fob, it will crank, start, and then the engine shuts off. My question to those that are wiser than me, "has anyone tried to see exactly how this system works?"


Does the system have to be activated with a down load?



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Well I'm not there yet,  about a week ago I was able to get High line CTM (CENTRAL TIMER MODULE)  from salvage yard for only $10 ):
I'm actually hacking into it as I'm writing this, the issue is i don't have the key fob for this CTM module, and i just managed to wire this CTM up, this can be a huge mess.


I just like to point out be careful trying out any used High line or Premium line CTM module.
And here's why you can actually find this info online:


"I plugged a used BCM or CTM into my car and now it starts and dies. Why?"

The factory alarm system (VTSS) is automatically learned by the PCM (engine computer).  If your vehicle does not have a factory alarm, and you plug a used BCM (Body Control Module) or CTM (CENTRAL TIMER MODULE) into it from another  vehicles that is equipped with security, then the PCM "learns" that it is now equipped also and will prevent starting until it is told by the BCM or CTM to allow starting. Since your  vehicle likely does not have the equipment necessary to operate these security systems, the BCM or CTM  will not allow this. You will need to have VTSS removed from both modules.



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