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I was testing your aim, and everyone that made it in has passed my initial evaluation.  There will be more evaluations to come. :wink: :lol3:



I joined the forum due to the shear mountain of proven and documented knowledge I was able to quickly and easily find.  Every time I was looking for some piece of information one of the ambassadors to this forum was answering the question without the usual forum BS and opinion injection/thread derailment.  After continuing to hit the same few members screen names over and over on multiple forums it seems their culmination of knowledge resides on this website ... so I joined.


I recently purchased a 100% stock 2001 2500 HO 6 speed 4x4, quad cab, 8' bed, camper package, 1 ton ram from a friend whom was the original owner.

I replaced some worn out suspension components, the rotted factory exhaust from the turbo back with a 4" stainless unit, new calibers, rotors, pads and e-brake shoes.  

Changed all the engine fluids and filters and started running 2 stroke oil in the fuel. 

2 years ago the VP44 and lift pump was replaced.  I don't know which factory units are installed as of yet (HO/SO;In tank/External).


I have just started the shakedown runs as the truck sat for 2 years prior to me purchasing it ... yes it had extreme moss growth on the outside (inside was clean).  So far I have put ~3 tanks of fuel through the truck.


Current issues:


Noise (this thing is LOUD inside ... sound insulation to come this winter/spring)


Future upgrades include:

Fuel Boss Lift Pump with sump and big line kit (already purchased)

Drive-train fluid change with transmission cooler (PTO covers)

High capacity fuel tank (not purchased)

6.7 Turbo (arduino association has me fascinated, not purchased)

Injectors (still trying to learn more about this subject)

Some sort of custom tune (the smoke a mirrors of this subject is funny to me)

Clutch (factory clutch is still installed)



My goal is to make safe and reliable power with my truck.  That balance doesn't yet have a number ... it will be what the "system" can support.


The truck will be used to tow a soon to be purchased pop-up camper, make hardware store/mulch/dump runs, and cart the family around on weekends when ever they want to ride around in "the big truck".  Right now we car/tent camp and we wanted to upgrade.  I think I bought a MOAB to kill a fly ... but I figure we will grow into the truck instead of out of a smaller truck.  


Thanks for the information you have already provided.  Hopefully I can answer a question or two for you giving back to the community. 



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