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Quad 4K tuning help

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I just got my 4K box updated and I’m currently looking for help for a base tune i can build off of. I’m strictly racing my truck so any help with a killer tune would be greatly appreciated. Right now I’m just running an old tune a friend of mine built and i feel like I’m not getting everything out of the truck that i can and this tune was from the old tuning style when Quadzilla rereleased.  I’ll list my current setup below. 


Quadzilla 4k programmer with Updated tuning version. 

7x0.014 SAC nozzle with pimple lift and large feed bodies from dark cloud performance 

crazy carl twin pining for 

s362 SX-E 62/68 


bosch hot rod vp44

head studs arp 625

fass 150 

hammilton cam 188-220 

pistons have been butterflied

head is O-ringed 

new bottom end 

Trans if from Muldoons and Has billet input, output 

triple disc converter 


i think that’s about it, and i will be adding nitrous at the end of this year just trying to figure this tuning nightmare out first. If I’m missing something just ask and I’ll respond with the correct answer. Thanks again in advance. 




I forgot to add the truck is a 98.5 ram 2500. 

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Yes sir, messaged Me78569 about it and was told to post in here. I saw you used to have a (build a tune) option in the store, did it disappear? 

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look through the big injector tunes. The 4k tunes are nearly the same with 2 more timing settings, but I am guessing you want timing maxed out by 3500 rpm.  

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One thing to note is that we recently discovered that the default 4k v2 tuning has the RPM limiter set to 3400 RPM. Just an FYI. You have to custom tune in order to get over 4000 RPM, but that is what you are trying to find out so you are already making the right steps. 

First things first, you need to follow the Adrenaline custom tuning guide, even for the 4k V2.


Most of the parameters have the same descriptions with the same defaults. The ones that have changed or are added is that the fuel stretch on the 4k is between 4000 and 6000us instead of 1200 to 2200 us. This one is different because we completely take over the fueling. 

There are also two more settings on the RPM Timing Max equalizer for the higher RPM ranges. Like ME78569 mentioned, you will need to probably top your timing out at around 3500 RPM (set the max to 30* here). 


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Here’s my current tune I’ve been building and maybe you guys could point me in the right direction. Any advice is welcome lol. I feel like there’s so much more I’m not using and that the quad has so much more to offer. 


Thanks in advance. 



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You're using the wrong vehicle profile. You are using a "V2 Quadzilla Only 4k" vehicle profile which is only for testing purposes. You should change your vehicle profile to the "V2  Dodge 1998-2002 4k". The "Quadzilla Only" version has been deleted. The next time you delete your app and re-download your vehicle selections it will not be there in the list. 

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Ok thanks for that. Never realized I was on the wrong one. So here’s the updated tune. I feel like I’m or using all of the fuel that the injectors and truck has to offer. Any advice is greatly appreciated.  


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Well, you just helped me find a bug that I am frankly reticent to fix. There is a name discrepancy between the update.json and the 


file that the update.json file references. In the update.json we name the vehicle: "

V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4K


and in the file itself we name the vehicle "

V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4k


You may say to yourself, well those are the same. Honestly, they are not. The first has a capital K and the second has a lower case k. That makes those two names unique in the world of computers. The iPhone uses the update.json name while the Android uses the name embedded in the file. 

Here's why I am reticent to fix it. The minute I change one or the other all of the custom tuning settings will go away for every user that uses that vehicle profile. It will take time for it to happen because you have to open the vehicle settings menu for the change to take affect, but they will eventually go away. The problem with them being names slightly different is the fact that when you share tunes from an iPhone to an Android, the tunes won't show up in the list of tunes, even though they were copied there. When you try to build a tune with the name of one you tried to download, you will get a message saying, that tuning file already exists, even though you can't find it in any of the vehicle profiles. With apple iOS devices, its not as big of a deal because its shows all the custom tunes from every vehicle.

If I do change it, you will probably end up with two different vehicle profiles on iOS devices until you reset the app's data.



About your tune. When I finally found out what was going on with it I noticed a couple of weird things: 

1. Maximum Fuel Stretch of 6000us is very aggressive. Your truck may not like that much fuel it may be past the point of HP gains and into the diminishing returns area. 

2. TPS pump Min is proably too low at 10%, thats really aggressive

3. Pump Low Boost scale is set to 0 psi. This means that the pump tap will kick in immediately upon reaching 10% throttle. It may be too early for that. 

4. Fuel load timing: 10* is probably way too much. Try something closer to 3. If you were to set this to 0, you would unlock a special timing mode that you probably don't want. Its good you had something here. 

5. Timing reduction is set to 0, you might want to reduce by 2 or 3 degrees. 

Timing reduct scaling is 0% so it cancels out the 10, but I would put this to 100% with the reduction set to 3. 

6. Light throttle timing Advance - Set this to around 2 to 3*

7 LIght throttle load limit of 30% is good. 

8. If you have head studs etc. you will probably want to max your timing out around 3500RPM. You would want to set this to 30*. If not, why are you running a 4k module, you're going to blow stuff up. 

9. THis is the biggest issue, all of your values for CAN bus fueling from 11PSI + are set to 0. If you didn't realize this, you need to swipe left and right on that screen to see the other values. Those need to be set higher. At least 100%+ at that point. 

Depending on the size of your injectors, you will want to build up a ramp similar to what is listed here: 


which you should really read over again. 

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A lot of great information, thanks so much. And yes when I ordered everything from DAP in 2015-2016 (which is who supplied almost everything) I was recommended to use the 4K box with my set up. Fred and Jacob were the ones who set me up with everything. I’ll get to building a better tune and let ya know with any updates or questions. Thanks so much. 

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