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02 quad cab dually 2 whl dr. truck pulls right under torque,left decelerating.

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I have a strange problem here. Just had new tires installed and never noticed this before. under torque truck pulls right. deceleration truck pulls left. wheels are tight, pressures equal. 

Truck is a 04 not 02.


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My wife's first Dokota did that and it turned out the rear end was rotating on the springs. Something had sheared off allowing it to rotate. Did same thing yours is doing. It has been so long ago I dont remember what I had done to fix it, nor had I experienced that before or since. I noticed a weird noise and got her to put it in gear and the whole rear end rotated about an 1/8 of turn. It was weird.

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Ok, put her on the rack this morning. Caster was weak.we readjusted that and the toe in and seams to be fine now. I will see how she pulls now and hope this all is corrected. 


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