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AFM claims another one.

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My wife's 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 developed a misfire on cylinder #1 which was accompanied by a strange chirping sound. I set up a dial indicator on the rockers to check the lift and sure enough the intake on cylinder #1 was about half of what it should be. This is what I found after tearing the engine down.








There were no spun bearings so the only machine work needed is to have the crank journals ground and the heads resurfaced. I am deleting the AFM/DOD garbage from this engine. I already have a new non-afm cam, lifters, lifter trays, valley plate, various bolts and gaskets, and the ECM has been flashed with the correct factory tune so I won't have any dtc codes to deal with. The pistons and rods are still fine so I'm just going to replace the rings and lightly hone the cylinders. There is no discernible wear in the cylinders and the compression was 145-160 across all cylinders. For those who have dealt with this I can now say.....



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Had the same thing happen on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Engine had about 180k miles at the time so I scoured the junk yard for a cam and lifters and happened to find a wrecked well cared for Camaro as the donor vehicle. Probably should have tore the GP engine down then and freshened it up but I hate working on my own crap so I just did the minimum for it to run. About 30k miles later it threw cylinder 2 rod and knocked a hole in the block. I put a $400 Series 3 3800 Craigslist find in it and traded it in on the 01 Dodge I have now.

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:iagree:  my wife’s 2004 Tahoe with the 5.3 and no AFM is pushing 300k , had it since practically new and engine still going strong. 


now I just wished I could say the same for daughters 2013 Hyundai, it’s barely got a 100k and smoking like a freight train, might be replacing that engine for her, she is not to blame though she been away at college for 3 years and left her car home for me and the wife to use.  :cry:

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