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Headlamp Assembly removal

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Will someone please explain the best way to do this. I just received both left and right complete assemblies ($113.53 to my door cost from EBAY). When I tried to remove the old ones I ran into a problem. Looks like I have to remove the top cap on the front bumper, yes/no?ThanksHNK

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it's been almost a year since i removed mine, so i'm working from memory here:OE had the side marker light separate from the headlamp, that came off simply enough with the screws you could see, plus the pull stud. the head lamps had a bolt somewhere (don't exactly remember), and you remove that one, (it was fairly easy). then there's the one you can't get to without removing everthing--forget that one (it's and engineer's trick). that one is far under the battery tray. make sure the headlamp wiggles right now, if it does and it's only held in by the on spot far, far under the battery tray (driver's side), just pull it straight out towards the front of the truck. it is just a pull stud thingy, much like door panel retainers, only more durable. good luck ps. i'm fairly lit writing this, soooo.... good luck again.

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[*]Release hood latch and open hood.

[*]Remove push-in fastener attaching seal to radiator closure panel.

[*]Remove park and turn signal lamp.

[*]Remove screws attaching top of headlamp module to radiator closure panel.

[*]From behind front bumper, remove screws attaching bottom of headlamp module to radiator closure panel.

[*]Separate headlamp module from radiator closure panel.

Headlamp Sporthttp://www.alldatapro.com/alldata/PRO~V178304323~C32992~R0~OB0~P3R0H~N/0/70910848/78218987/78219152/78219227/34853741/34867926/34868471/34868577/78674563/78674565

hope the pics help!!!:thumbup2:

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