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  1. I used one once as well, and next time I will try without it. I had put an indicator on the case to see if it moved, and it moved about .01thou and I still had to tap hammer the set in the case. I was also worried about breaking the bolts that held it to the case.
  2. i wonder if a guy could buy just pins, so he didn't have the splice there.
  3. i did something similar last spring, so it was on for the winter, and i didn't notice anything. i have always loved this truck for how well it heats the cab, just takes a couple more minutes than a small car. i basically added an additional coolant circuit for my 351ve turbo.
  4. i was reading the manual for a different model of car, a chevy product i think. i seem to remember there was a sequence of turning key on off that enabled/disabled features. not sure if this was one of them or if it will work on dodges, but it wouldn't hurt to consult the manual.i do hate all the safety things manufactures do to cars, horn honks in gear door open, doors lock automatically in gear, it all drives me nuts.
  5. well guys, i was out grilling this afternoon, next to the dodge, and i decided to pull codes and see what i got...no dtcs stored. now that surprised me, i expected to see at least the code that's thrown for using the smarty, (i've forgotten what it is). i can't believe i had a problem at the starter for that charging code, cause the other ground i looked at was tight, but it must've been.
  6. i've pulled and cleaned the starter up (to change a motor mount), and checked the ground under the turbo behind the oil filter. haven't pulled codes lately to see if it has cleared or not.i keep going back to the vp because soon after i bought it, i found that there wasn't any lift pressure. who know's how long it was running that way? and it ran great then, and has slowly gotten worse over the years.
  7. it's been a while, and i've noticed another little symtom: it get's worse the longer and warmer the truck is on. i hooked to a trailer and loaded with wood and it died every time i slowed down that day. it's sounding to me like the heat soak vp computer issue is happening to me.
  8. do you have the heat button and the adjust joystick in the truck already?
  9. :banghead: i forgot to mention the last thing that i've been noticing over the past several months/years: fuel economy is dropping. i used to get solid mid 15s as little as last year. and now i'm aproaching low to mid 12s. i didn't use the winter blend that often this winter either, though i realize that is where some of the mileage has gone. the fuel station i use has both all winter (at least that's what the hose tags say). now i can't even clear 15 on a highway tank when i used to get mid 18s.i will look into the grounds and such shortly as well. the starter didn't kick in once last winter on one of those colder days. i have the parts sitting here for it, just have to go lie on the ground and do it.
  10. fuel pressure is 18 idle and a good 15 at highway speeds.the codes i just pulled with the smarty are 1682 and 1693. the volt meter always reads normal, so i don't know what the 1682 code is about.and holy cow, you guys are quick in response time, lol! thanks.
  11. i've been noticing things over time, and tried to explain them away.last summer the truck dies not very often when i use the jake and make a shift down to 3rd. did that like three times. then winter comes, and i use the 3cyl idle and the jake, and the truck doesn't stay running. turn the jake off, and egts are only at 200* in 3cyl idle, and the snap of that idle isn't there either, it really only sounds like high idle.last week it died on my 5 times in a day with the jake on and that downshift into 3rd.you guys think it is my vp44? it has 123k on it and i believe it to be original. i've treated it to fuel pressure and 2 stroke oil since i've owned it, but that's only been for about the last 20k miles.
  12. i put a kit on from dlux fab, and i luv them. but i now know of the ford axle way, and since i work in a machine shop, i'd go the part store and buy the spindle and what not and do it myself next time. alls it looked like they did was drill the bolt pattern to match the unit bearing in the spindles and machine the hub for the dodge wheels
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