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My 01 Dodge 6speed is stuttering between 1350-1600 RPMs periodically.  


Its occurs under acceleration, typically at about 1450 RPM give or take 75 RPM.  Never seen it happen above about 1600RPM.  Its like a loss of power for about the count of .5 of one.  Enough to know it occurred and then its back to normal.


It seems to happen in the first 30 minutes of run time while the truck is still cold or cool.  


Fuel filters are new in the past 6 months (probably less then 10k miles) and its been occurring through at-least five tanks of fuel. 


I have re loaded my Quad Adrenaline tune and that does not seem to have an affect, i have also changed from my tune to the default and that seems to have no change.  


My plan next is to disconnect my adrenaline and see if the issue goes away, then if it persist fuel filters. 


Any other ideas?  I think my adrenaline is between 1 and 3 years old.

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  • Administrator

is coolant above your warm up temp setup in the app when this happenes?   


Sounds like too much timing in that rpm range.  A datalog of it happening would be the next step before we can help you more.

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So first thing i did was check battery cables.  Both positives were barely loose but still moved so both got tightened down.  Then I retightened the power line to the quad.   

five minutes of driving and I can’t get it to the issue to re occur to a very noticeable existent.  However it maybe there. 

changing to my tune to see if it does it now.   

this hole thing has been pretty hit and miss though.  

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Do you monitor throttle percentage?  When my APPS acts up, it feels exactly like what you describe. 


I can actually see the throttle percentage change (goes down or to 0 momentarily) when it happens.

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I am getting it to do it now however it appears the quad only captures about 3 seconds worth of data is that correct? 

Ok here is one of the first pulls that i hope i captured it on.  2nd to 4th gear shift multiple jerks in 4th. 

2Quad 2-4G multiple Jerks iQuad-2020-04-11-08.50.537705731712704236697.csv

I dont have gear for this one however my comment is "good blurp under 1500rpm" in my email.  

8Quad ?G good blurp under 1500 iQuad-2020-04-11-09.16.153972404796377544136.csv

This one says 2 to 3 gear shift "multiple jersk"

3Quad 2-3G multiple jerks iQuad-2020-04-11-08.55.263300546661535170948.csv

Truck bio is correct, to my knowledge. 


adrenline, 75hp (DAP), some kind of air filter (fresh in the last 10-15K) Fresh fuel filters in the last 10-15K. 



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ME thanks for looking at my data.  Greatly appreciate it.  

IVe got a 200mile drive I have to do today thinking about just unplugging it and see if the issue continues. Eliminate all the other issues.   

ive been running it on level 5 (think of 8 or 10). 

also someone brought up coolant temp and power back down.  From the setting I can tell it’s turned off.  

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So I had already unplugged the unit before I read your guys notes.  Did about a 200 mile round trip with no Quad and no issues.  Plugged it back in this morning and no issues on the way to work.  So will have to continue testing.  

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so been running for about a week and the problem hasn’t returned since plugging it back in.  Maybe something wasn’t quite hooked in or connecting.  

we shall see.  

ME you said a degree or two more at 1500. Would that be for a everyday tune or a tow tune.  With that truck weights 8500lbs due to bed and stuff that lives on it. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

So knock on wood the issue hasn't returned....who knows i am about two tanks from when it was going on so did i get some bad fuel, was there an issue with the Quad (my suspicion) or something completely else. 


Thanks for the help, and if it comes back ill fire the thread up again. 

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