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My mother is currently living with my sister and my father is in hospice with final stages of alzheimers.  My sister is now moving to upstate New York(after this BS dies off) because of her Air Force husband.  My mother will live with me until my father passes and then she will go to NY as well.  She bought a brand new 25" Coleman camper to live in on my property and she has a 2007 Dodge Nitro for her transportation.  Originally the Nitro was deemed fit to pull this camper to NY, supposedly right at the limit for towing capacity.  I disagreed and my BIL has finally agreed with me.  I am wondering if it would be safe to put a hitch on the back of the camper and flat tow the Nitro behind it with my truck.  This would be a one time deal, I would tow the camper/nitro halfway and meet my sister who would use her F-350 to finish the trip.  Would this be ok to do or should we look at other options?  I have included pics of said vehicles for reference. 

mom camper.jpg

mom car.jpg

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  • Administrator

First problem is the trailer frame rated for towing doubles? If not it will destroy the RV in a quick order typically ultra lites and light weight trailers are not designed for towing behind them. 


Safety wise I would look for another option. Not worth the risk of damaging the RV because possibly the frame isn't design for the tugging. Not to mention you'll need a brake controller for the towed vehicle behind the trailer. 


Personally I would haul the trailer first, then come back and haul the cart on a flat bed. 

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Just looking at the pics, that trailer looks to lite to double tow behind it, you need to consider you don’t want to exceed the gvwr of the trailer  itself, even though all the vehicle weight won’t be on the trailer itself it still needs factored in. Also I know their is a lot of states back east that prohibit double towing, and some states require the first vehicle in tow to be a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch. out west here it’s legal in the states I double tow, but it would be something you would have to look into, It would probably be easier and safer to find a driver for that car, 


A forty foot gooseneck could be an option 

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  • Board Of Directors

I have to agree with @01cummins4ever.  I have a California class A CDL and tow doubles. 

  1. Your looking for trouble towing a vehicle that heavy behind that trailer. 
  2. .You will be going to NY on Interstate 80 or 90,  When you get to Illinois the toll roads start and the tolls are really high when there is more than 2 axles.  Also those states and toll roads may not allow double towing in that configuration .
  3. Some states require a CDL to tow doubles.

Try to find a different way to do this move. 


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