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What’s up guys? I recently had some issues with my truck which caused me to pull codes on it. When I did that I read the “diagnosis” on 2 different handheld OBDII scanner. Both of them were showing around 13% on the apps or tps. I have tried to mess with it to recalibrate it before but when I do mess with it, it throws a code and the CEL comes on. I have noticed that I have to pushed the peddle further than I should to get the truck to accelerate. It is an aftermarket APPS that is on the truck. Back when I bought the truck I assumed it would solve my ground/ lock/unlock issue. Then I realize that had nothing to do with it and never switched it back to the factory one because there wasn’t anything wrong with it. My ideas on where to begin to get better throttle response And/or recalibrate it so it isn’t showing anything when I’m not on the peddle? Thanks 



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Have you tried an TPS reset? By that I mean disconnect the battaries for 30 minutes or so. Reconnect them. Turn the to the on position. Press the pedal slowly to the floor the release it slowly. Then turn the key to off position. Now start it and see what happens. That is a reset you are supposed to do any time you hve had the battaries disconnected.

 If that does not help the only thing I can tell you is buy a Timbo apps. Mike sells them here. And do be fooled by all the cheap ones on the internet. You dont need a DVM with the Timbo.


Just to add to this a little since you have lock and un lock issues you probably have to much AC voltage from alternator bleading into the system. That same AC voltage will make these truck do strange things. So if the reset does not help you might put the old in to see what it does. If you get same results the problem is most likely some where else.

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Mine was doing something similar, stock apps. After resetting it, it was nice and smooth for a couple days, then went back to having to push the go pedal more to accelerate normally. Knew it was a problem when I had it in first gear going up a hill, I was accelerating and it suddenly would hit a flat spot in acceleration, like I wasn't giving it enough juice to keep climbing rpms until I pushed the pedal harder. Used the green obd scanner when it happened and I could see in the graph it was like it hit a plateau. No codes were given, no dead pedal like others experience,  just a weird "flat spot" in acceleration.  Replaced with timbo, no problem since. Been great! 

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