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I have a wierd issue that seems to only affect my truck in the morning. I have had a random low voltage map sensor code that didn't cause any issues. So i replaced the map sensor 6-8 months ago and all was well. Lately though it has come back.  Usually a few seconds after I start my truck up I get a check engine light but it has taken as long as ten minutes of driving. Some mornings I can drive normally with the light on. Some mornings I get essentially zero boost so the truck is a slug. Sometimes it's jerky, I get a little boost then it cuts fueling I guess because it's back to no power. It always idles fine  and even drives fine if you don't have any big hills. The only code it triggers is the p0237 and whether I clear the code when I get to work or not it always runs just fine with full fueling/boost on my way home. Which is great but it makes it hard to troubleshoot since I don't have time in the morning to mess with it. Are there any common issues with this that I could proactively solve instead of actually diagnosing it? Thanks!

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Guessing and hoping the code to go away isn't going to happen low volt code means there is 5V problem or wiring problem returning the signal back to the ECM


Possible Causes

  • Other DTCs
  • Boost Pressure Sensor
  • 5-volt Supply Circuit
  • MAP Signal Circuit Short To Ground
  • MAP Signal Circuit Short To Sensor Ground
  • MAP Sensor
  • Intermittent Wiring Problem
  • ECM

Do the diagnostic to find out which problem.

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