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Brake caliper piston removal

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Dropped on a set of brake calipers for a 3rd gen both fronts and rears to rebuild, they were is a sorry state but £10 for all 4 is ok.

Pistons were well and truely seized, tried a few things to get them out, wouldn't budge using compressed air so settled on a 24mm metric coarse taper tap which taps into the piston end just nice, a 24mm nut screwed onto the tap before turning it into the piston gives a nice flat surface to lever against, this pulled all 8 out, if this would have failed I was going to machine a tube to sit over the piston and a big washer and use the nut and tap to pull the pistons out... didn't need to in the end

I found it best to leave the steel end cap on as it gives the piston a little more strength


Going to get them blasted and then rebuild


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1 hour ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Those are in sad shape. I'll let you know that brake fluid should be changed every 30k miles and that doesn't happen. After a period of time the brake fluid will absorb moisture and start to rout out the bores in the calipers and rot the seals. 

I bought them to recondition and sell on hopefully take cores back to do again, shipping 4 calipers from the USA would make them a really expensive item here so maybe I'll make a little ££ and help someone along the way.

I'd guess most people with normal tools wouldn't have been able to get the pistons out of these they were seized solid.

Going to drop them off at a company that can blast them clean.... none abrasive of course this week, all the rebuild parts inc pads have arrived from Rock and I'm in for around £140 ish total for the 4 calipers. £65 inc shipping duty and vat for parts, £60 total for the blasting and £10 for the 4 calipers

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