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Brake caliper piston removal


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Dropped on a set of brake calipers for a 3rd gen both fronts and rears to rebuild, they were is a sorry state but £10 for all 4 is ok.

Pistons were well and truely seized, tried a few things to get them out, wouldn't budge using compressed air so settled on a 24mm metric coarse taper tap which taps into the piston end just nice, a 24mm nut screwed onto the tap before turning it into the piston gives a nice flat surface to lever against, this pulled all 8 out, if this would have failed I was going to machine a tube to sit over the piston and a big washer and use the nut and tap to pull the pistons out... didn't need to in the end

I found it best to leave the steel end cap on as it gives the piston a little more strength


Going to get them blasted and then rebuild


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1 hour ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Those are in sad shape. I'll let you know that brake fluid should be changed every 30k miles and that doesn't happen. After a period of time the brake fluid will absorb moisture and start to rout out the bores in the calipers and rot the seals. 

I bought them to recondition and sell on hopefully take cores back to do again, shipping 4 calipers from the USA would make them a really expensive item here so maybe I'll make a little ££ and help someone along the way.

I'd guess most people with normal tools wouldn't have been able to get the pistons out of these they were seized solid.

Going to drop them off at a company that can blast them clean.... none abrasive of course this week, all the rebuild parts inc pads have arrived from Rock and I'm in for around £140 ish total for the 4 calipers. £65 inc shipping duty and vat for parts, £60 total for the blasting and £10 for the 4 calipers

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Got these calipers cleaned and rebuilt with new everything inc pads checked on R/A and the total to ship the very same from Rock would be just under £750 to my door which includes calipers with brackets, pads, slider kits, pad steels,(whatever you call those) pistons piston seals and boots and bleed nipples 

On Ebag at the moment



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1 hour ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Looks good... :thumbup2:

yeah pleased how they turned out


48 minutes ago, IBMobile said:

Get £60 more if you paint them?

They had been painted red and it was horrible, more rust than red,  I figured it would be quite difficult to paint them with a paint that would really last and look good 

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12 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

I would of painted them for out here in Idaho being the salt they use on the highway would have those rusted out in no time at all. 

They use salt here too and lots of it as car drivers here find it difficult driving on wet roads never mind snow, thing is both my trucks don't really have rusty calipers yes they are covered in rust but only surface rust.

Ideally they ought to be powder coated but I'll leave that to a buyer if they sell

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1 minute ago, wil440 said:
Just now, Mopar1973Man said:

Sad really that it makes the roads safer with salt but ruins the roadways and vehicles just as quick... :rolleyes:


Yes agree 100% people that are not ok with driving in the snow should stay home

I've been watching a series of hour long TV programs about Tow truck companies in Norway ..., Ice Road rescue I think it's called now that's snow, no difference to the USA in places but very different to here, well different to where I live in the UK, Scotland and the North of England can and does get a lot of snow also the East and West Coasts ( close to the sea) I live pretty much right in the middle of the UK (Midlands which is rather innovative don't you think... NOT) snow has usually dropped out of the sky before it gets here 

Thinking about it councils here may well use more grit than salt

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