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Fuel Article - Grid Heater Light / Blown Injector Line #4

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Injector Line or Injector failures

Grid Heater Light

If your grid heater light comes on while driving is a sign of a high return rate to the fuel tank or the fuel pressure in the rail is dropping. In my case, I was traveling towards McCall ID and climbing a grade with my utility trailer. All of a sudden the grid heater light comes on and chimes multiple times. Which I thought was weird. I had to complete my climb up the grade for a safe spot to pull over. Once I did get pulled over I shut down and looked there was fuel everywhere. I the grid heater light comes on while driving I highly suggest you get to a safe spot and shut down as quickly as possible.

Checking The Injector Lines

Now that I've got the truck home in the yard. I took some time to re-prime the rail and get it started. Even with as big of a leak, it was very possible to prime the rail fairly quickly and start the engine. 


WARNING: Being fuel is present and fire danger is always a risk make sure to have a fire extinguisher handy that is rated for fuels and oil fires.  


WARNING: Do not put your hands near the injection lines while running. High-pressure fuel injection injuries are very painful and can cause serious infections. Please keep your hands away from the lines. Use cardboard chunks if you want to see where the fuel is sprayed from. 


Once the engine is running look closely and you can see which line is spraying fuel. Again do not put your hands or body near any spraying fuel. 


If it's not possible to start because of too big of a leak you can order a rail plug that you can remove one line at a time then cap the rail and see which line is leaking this way so if the line you remove is plugged and now it starts it could be the line or a bleeding injector. I know this is kind of tough being every time you open the rail to change the plug you have to reprime the rail. Just as you'll see in my video first turn of the key the ECM will do a prime cycle, after the lift pump stops, just bump the starter again it will re-run for the next prime cycle of time. Make sure you give time to let the pump prime the system and allow for cool-down time on the starter. 




Installing Number 4 Injector Line

It is pretty straightforward for installing the number 4 injector line. Count back to the number 4 injector line from the front. Now you'll need a 3/4 inch wrench and a 10mm socket and ratchet with extension. First, remove the two 10mm bolts one in the manifold just under the injector line nut at the head for the intake manifold cover and the other 10mm bolt holding the number 4 injector line. Now Using the 3/4 inch wrench loosen the two injector line nuts and remove the injector line. Install in reverse order.






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The WTS light for injector issues was added more than 10 years ago, but this is the first I’ve heard of it going off with a cracked injector line. The WTS and CEL usually deal with high return flow. 

I remember when this TSB/software was released. Lots of people thought the software was faulty due to the WTS/CEL that on a good running truck. After a while the software was deemed effective and did accurately indicate high injector return flow. 

TSB 18-006-02.pdf

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