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Wild and Free

In Praise of the 5th amandment/Don't talk to cops!

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Thought these videos had some good info relating to our right to "plead the 5th"



When unfortunate things happen, I never call the law. Every time I do business with the law it costs me money.FTL.

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The cops/police are not your friends..........no matter what they say. They work for the district attorney /village prosecutor/etc. It's their job to gather evidence when they pull you over/question you at the station/question you anywhere. Give them nothing more than your state requires. If driving, all states require license, registration, and insurance proof. If walking around and minding your own business and a cop stops/detains you, many states say that you don't have to "stop and identify"........some do..........make sure you know that. Know the difference between a "casual" stop and a "Terry" stop............big difference!! Google "Terry" stop.......to long to type here.:smart:

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I allways try to avoid any contact with the "LAW" and I never call them. Looking back over the last 65 years I can't remember one time that the "LAW" did anything but nose in my business and take my hard earned cash. Last Tuesday, I was driving down the Hiway following a van full of African Americans. We were traveling in the inside lane of a two lane hiway. All the sudden their is an Alabama State Cop on a motorcycle parked in the ditch between lanes. He turned on his red/blue lights and siren. He pulled in behind me, being at the end of the traffic line and pulled me over. He was wearing a mask and all I could see is his nose and eyes but I could see that he was "African American". He said I was speeding and was not wearing a seat belt. I did'nt say a word to him. Today I recieved a bill for $158.00 for speeding 70 mph in a 55 mph zone and $31.00 for not wearing a seat belt. I could go to court and fight the tickets but I would loose. This is Alabama and like all other states they are short on cash. I guess I could ask the judge why the cop let the "LEADER" of the line go and grabbed me. I think that is obvious. Kerley PS; My wifes brother use to be a Judge in South Carolina, I never had much to say to him either. Kerley

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