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      High Idle Kit Sale   09/06/2017

      Just in time for Father Winter, we are offering a %10 Discount for the first 10 High Idle switches sold until 10/1/2017.  Just use the coupon code HighIdle at checkout to get %10 off. Visit out store to see details on the High Idle Kit.       


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The Boss Must be Out

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ISX    58

I chewed him out for that earlier today :lmao: He is doing some industrial yard clean up and is getting pretty involved with it.

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Mopar1973Man    3,801

Don't feel bad... I've got a whole rash of ad notices going out because the time all the ads started and it now 1 year later... Thing is I'm waiting for the list to thin out and then will go one by one and fix each one... No I've not forgotten but it one of those thing I rather spend the entire day going through all the vendors and redo in one shot instead of one here and one a couple days later... But ISX is right... I've got a bunch going on locally and been gone a bunch...

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