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      Just in time for Father Winter, we are offering a %10 Discount for the first 10 High Idle switches sold until 10/1/2017.  Just use the coupon code HighIdle at checkout to get %10 off. Visit out store to see details on the High Idle Kit.       


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Yeah yeah yeah !!!

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dorkweed    313

So a fire fighter got a crazy idea to strap a fire nozzle to his back... :lmao2::lmao:

Come on Mike..........you're telling us that you's guys never did that at the fire house when it got slow???!!!:lmao::lmao2::smart:

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Mopar1973Man    3,786

Actually we did crap like that when we got assign crap jobs for forestry... Like power washing cars/trucks with a 2 1/2" hose and nozzle at about 50-60 PSI that just about requires 2 people and it sure knock the mud off of the trucks. :doh:

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